Delivering Outstanding KPIs in a Dynamic Active Learning Environment

In this episode of iQor’s CX Labs Digitally Irresistible podcast, Jason Miles, director of active learning design and development at iQor, sheds light on the transformative impact of active learning in training and development.

Jason shares his journey and the power of active learning in enhancing employee engagement and performance. iQor’s active learning strategies have revolutionized training experiences, leading to remarkable results like zero attrition, 100% certification, and soaring customer satisfaction scores. 

Read on to uncover how active learning can transform your organization. We dive deeper into the concept of active learning, its role in successfully training employees at iQor, and the remarkable results it has produced, including improved performance and customer satisfaction. Jason also previews upcoming active learning programs at iQor shaping the CX landscape and driving success for the brands we support by creating smiles for their customers.

From Frontline Agent to Training Innovator

Jason’s active learning expertise draws from his wealth of experience in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and his in-depth knowledge of learning and development thought leadership. His journey began as a frontline agent and evolved into his career in training, facilitation, and instructional design, ultimately leading to his current role at iQor as director of active learning design and development.

What Is Active Learning?

Active learning is an instructional design approach that actively engages individuals in their own learning process. Shifting away from traditional training methods in which learners passively receive knowledge, active learning involves a variety of activities to encourage engagement, understanding, and retention. 

Jason explains how active learning strategies encourage employee participation, practice, and a real application of knowledge to foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

Instead of listening to an instructor at the front of the room presenting PowerPoint slides, learners in active learning settings enjoy opportunities to engage with one another and discuss and apply the concepts they’ve learned. A large part of this process includes interactive tasks, reflection, and feedback to continually improve the experience.

Active Learning Strategies at iQor

At iQor, active learning forms the foundation of our employee training and development experiences. This pedagogical approach stems from active learning research showing that adults (and anyone, really!) learn most effectively when engaged in meaningful tasks. All aspects of the learning experience and its outcomes improve when learners receive the right resources to advance their understanding along with opportunities to practice, fail, learn, and improve in a supportive setting. 

This trial-and-error process enables employees to learn from experience. iQor also provides ample opportunities for questions and feedback from experts and peers, an experience that breaks from the norm and has proven essential in creating meaningful and productive traning experiences .  

In addition, iQor’s active learning approach emphasizes the importance of incorporating time for reflection, which is often overlooked in traditional training programs. By thinking about what they’re learning and assessing what they did well and what they can improve, trainees further advance their understanding and performance.

“Reflection is actually one of the most important things that we’re adding because very rarely do you get an opportunity in training to think about what you’re learning, and that’s where the actual learning happens.” – iQor Director of Active Learning Design and Development Jason Miles 

Active Learning Creates Success and Smiles 

The success story of active learning at iQor is exemplified in the transformative results it has produced. Jason’s team led a redesign of training for a major retail customer, incorporating active learning techniques.  

The impact was staggering, with zero attrition, 100% certification, and remarkable performance post-training. The group produced consistent improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs), including a surge in customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), net promoter scores (NPS), and first-call resolution rates.  

The tangible impact of active learning on business outcomes underscores its vital role in driving employee performance and elevating customer experiences. 

Expanding Active Learning Initiatives

Building on the success of active learning with training facilitators, iQor is poised to expand its active learning initiatives. In a forward-looking move, iQor plans to roll out a broader active learning design and development program to train new content developers and instructional designers in the art of crafting training content aligned with active learning principles. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development, iQor is paving the way for sustained performance excellence.

Active Learning as a Catalyst for Organizational Growth and Excellence

The insights Jason brought to our conversation offer a compelling narrative of the power of active learning in transforming employee training and its undeniable impact on business success. Through a commitment to active learning, iQor exemplifies how innovative training methodologies can drive tangible results, boost employee engagement, and deliver irresistible customer experiences that create smiles.

Through our Symphony [AI]TM ecosystem, iQor further drives excellent employee experiences by redefining the employee lifecycle, seamlessly blending automation and human capabilities. This innovative approach—spanning talent acquisition, training and development, and performance excellence—underscores iQor’s commitment to nurturing a highly efficient, compliant, and satisfied workforce. 

As BPOs seek to deliver an excellent customer experience in an evolving business landscape with constant AI innovations, embracing active learning is key to optimizing the employee experience to achieve consistently exceptional CX. iQor’s clients benefit from our commitment to active learning training for frontline employees serving the customers of the brands that entrust us to serve them.


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