We are excited to announce that we will launch a new podcast in July 2021 called Digitally Irresistible.

We cover the optimization of digital technologies and irresistible people that influence both employee and customer experience. Each guest provides a unique perspective on a relevant topic that has a measurable impact on the business!

The Digitally Irresistible podcast will be available in video format as well as traditional audio podcast format accessed through popular podcast players such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Overcast and others.

Something for Everyone in Customer Experience (CX) Roles

The topics we cover are insightful to professionals who care greatly about delivering a great customer experience. At iQor, we know that a great employee experience is a prerequisite to delivering a great customer experience. The “irresistible” in the name of the podcast addresses the role of irresistible culture and people needed to be ambassadors for a brand when caring for its customers.

If you’re in customer care, customer service, customer experience, marketing, procurement or recruiting, this podcast is for you.

Ways to join us:

  • Subscribe! Love employee and customer experience? Then you’ll enjoy listening as we explore topics from intelligent automation to technology leaders on the cutting edge of customer care. And most importantly, you’ll hear from amazing people who use these tools every day! Each episode will be approximately fifteen minutes long. Subscribe to receive notifications by visiting the Insights section at our website. You can subscribe directly on popular podcast players mentioned above as well as our YouTube channel.
  • Share! Please help us spread the word on what it means to be digitally irresistible. We carefully select our guests and topics and know that you’ll enjoy what they have to share. Use the power of your network to share our podcast through social media channels to encourage others to listen.

The team would love to hear your ideas and input on topics to cover. Drop me your digitally irresistible ideas at [email protected]. Our launch is just around the corner.

We hope you will be listening to the Digitally Irresistible podcast brought to you by iQor!

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