iQor Launches Q-Bot, A New Chatbot Platform Focused on Creating Knowledge-Empowered ‘Augmented Agents'

November 27, 2018

As interaction complexity increases, Q-bot delivers conversation-based access to knowledge for faster resolution and improved customer experience

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – NOVEMBER 27, 2018 – iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, today announced full deployment of its Q-Bot Virtual Assistant chatbot platform, which is designed to better equip and empower agents and boost contact center efficiency as call and chat complexity increases.  

By increasing automation and providing chat-based tools, like Q-Bot, iQor is pioneering the concept of the “Augmented Agent,” where agents are armed with all the tools, information, and knowledge they need to handle complex customer interactions with great confidence and efficiency. 

A recent study by Forrester shows that one in four (25 percent) of today’s jobs will likely be impacted by AI technologies, including intelligent chatbots, by 2019. However, most consumer-facing chatbots today stumble beyond rudimentary queries. Studies show most people admit they are more frustrated by chatbots that cannot answer their questions and lack the empathy of their human counterparts in the same situation.  

iQor sees the most value in leveraging chatbots to assist rather than replace agents. Q-Bot helps augment human agents by allowing them to seamlessly alert and escalate potential issues through its instant “heads up display.” Using natural language processing, Q-Bot helps guide agents and improve their interactions with customers. It uses machine learning to learn from repeated issues that are frequently resolved, enabling agents to be more prepared for tougher challenges. 

iQor’s Customer and Product Experience 360 (CPX 360 TM) Survey found more than one-third (36 percent) of consumers dealing with a technical issue on a smart device report that support representatives lack knowledge about the device, product, or service needed for issue resolution. By providing easy and intuitive access to sophisticated knowledge, iQor’s augmented agents can respond to customers effectively and with improved accuracy.  

For agents using Q-Bot, iQor has seen a dramatic improvement in average handle time (AHT), which decreased by 11 percent, and efficiency, with chats per hour increasing by more than 5 percent. In addition, iQor saw a boost in overall customer satisfaction (CSAT).  

“Increasingly, customers are using self-service tools to answer easy questions and resolve simple issues. When they turn to a customer service agent they likely need help with a more complex problem,” says Prabhjot Singh, vice president of innovation at iQor. “We have developed our chatbots to help share a wealth of information with our agents, so they can quickly assess the most critical parts of a conversation and take action. The Q-Bot Virtual Assistant replicates a real coach and guides agents to the correct data and step-by-step resolution, making it easier than ever to resolve complicated issues, even for the most inexperienced agent.”  

Chatbot technology will continue to develop as 74 percent of call centers expect to see an increase in the growth of total customer interactions, and despite a fear of chatbots taking jobs away from humans, a recent report found friendliness and approachability are two areas consumers believe chatbots are not particularly strong in. The implementation of chatbot technology to augment agents will make work easier for an agent to increase the reliability and accuracy of the customer service experience, and raise customer satisfaction in the process. 

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