Sustainability Policy


iQor’s digital CX business model is centered around achieving the most cost effective and seamless omnichannel customer support on behalf of our valued partners, for revenue generation, care, technical support and retention.

iQor’s leads this industry with decades of experience, which have enabled us to offer a solution focusing on world-class contact centers and an investment in the best people to engage customers on their terms: where they want, when they want.

iQor endeavors to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner by:

  • Conducting our operations in a commercially reasonable manner that protects the environment, including selecting call center sites that minimize the use of water.
  • Lowering the amount of paper (letters, required disclosures, etc.) printed and transmitted back and forth between customers, opting instead for online payment platforms, electronic disclosures and telephone communication whenever possible.
  • Utilizing thin client technology to limit the amount of replicative hardware, data connections and use of valuable resources.
  • Working with our suppliers and subcontractors to further the above principles.