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From Risk to Retention: A Proven Practice for Frontline Talent Engagement

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, frontline employees are the backbone of successful customer service operations. However, frontline employee attrition is a common challenge, and retaining frontline workers is increasingly a top priority for CX leaders.

If you are a CX leader looking for innovative ways to improve frontline employee retention, this webinar is for you.

Join us to hear from three experts at iQor, a leading business process outsourcing provider, on how we successfully retained thousands of customer service agents using machine learning to predict attrition and the action plan we implemented to reduce it.

In this webinar, we explain iQor’s journey to leveraging machine learning to identify key drivers of attrition and how we developed and executed targeted retention strategies. 

You’ll discover how iQor used machine learning in combination with other methods to analyze vast amounts of data to predict which employees were at risk of attriting and how we were able to retain many of them.

Our data expert panel discusses the benefits of using machine learning to boost frontline employee retention and shares insights into how iQor leverages this technology to minimize attrition. You’ll leave with actionable insights on how machine learning can be used to boost employee engagement and reduce attrition.

During the Q&A session, you’ll hear our three experts respond to questions with “how to” details for CX leaders who are looking to improve frontline employee retention, boost employee satisfaction, and enhance workforce productivity.

This webinar is just under one hour in duration. Tune in and discover how to harness technology to engage employees and reduce turnover.

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