Exclusive Webinar: Transforming Energy Companies with Nearshore BPO Outsourcing

Join us for an exclusive, invitation-only webinar on October 5th and 6th at 11 a.m. Eastern and 1 p.m. Eastern respectively, to discover the transformative power of nearshore BPO outsourcing. Dive deep into three case studies that reveal how iQor partners with energy companies, in one case saving $3M while enhancing their customer experience.

Webinar Highlights

The Power of Nearshore BPO: Understand how transitioning to nearshore BPO outsourcing can help energy companies elevate customer experience while optimizing costs.

Success in Action: Gain insights from case studies detailing three energy companies that fully embraced nearshore outsourcing and celebrated substantial wins.

The In-House Challenge: Explore the pitfalls of in-house CX operations such as soaring costs, limited agility, security risks, and challenges in securing talented professionals.

The Nearshore Advantage: Learn about the undeniable benefits of nearshore BPO solutions, including cost efficiency, heightened flexibility, robust security, and access to a skilled and bilingual talent pool.

Meet Your Presenter

CJ Johnson, Vice President of Operations at iQor, will be leading this session. With over two decades in the BPO industry, holding pivotal leadership roles, CJ is uniquely positioned to offer invaluable insights.

CJ will devote 15 minutes to sharing three exemplary case studies, offering a comprehensive view of the virtues of nearshore BPO solutions from iQor. The next 15 minutes will be devoted to answering your questions.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is exclusively for CX professionals in the energy production industry who are keen on exploring the strategic advantages of nearshore BPO outsourcing.

Secure Your Spot:

Given the exclusivity of this event, we urge you to register early to ensure your participation.

Two Date Options for This 30 Minute Webinar

October 5, 2023 11 am Eastern Time, 8 am Pacific Time
October 6, 2023 1 pm Eastern Time, 10 am Pacific Time

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