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Why iQor?

This case study illuminates iQor’s pivotal role in efficiently launching an outsourced customer care program for a leading consumer finance provider. Our client delivers a diverse range of financial services including credit cards and digital finance solutions to consumers. Their comprehensive finance service offerings necessitate high-touch customer support to maintain customer satisfaction.  

Safeguarding customer financial data starts with empowered and engaged employees. By investing in employee well-being, financial providers foster a strong sense of ownership and accountability for protecting sensitive information. Combined with our robust data security protocols, this satisfied workforce excels at navigating delicate customer interactions, ultimately strengthening brand trust and loyalty.

iQor Recognized for CX Operational Excellence in Consumer Finance

The consumer finance provider selected iQor for their customer care outsourcing needs. Stellar performance in revenue recovery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has earned iQor a contract for our finance client’s customer care outsourcing initiative.  

Through consistent high performance in back office operations throughout our partnership, iQor’s CX expertise positioned us to be selected as the finance provider’s sole BPO provider.

Employee Net Promoter Scores With iQor Far Exceed BPO Industry Standards for Excellence

iQor met or surpassed targets for customer satisfaction (CSAT), quality (QA), average handle time (AHT), voice of customer (VOC), and abandonment rates, exceeding all performance expectations during challenging ramp periods.  

While all the finance provider’s key performance indicators (KPI) are relevant, employee net promoter scores (eNPS) are a particularly crucial metric due to the critical role agents play in handling sensitive information. High eNPS scores in the finance industry indicate a motivated workforce. These motivated agents are more likely to handle sensitive customer interactions with integrity and efficiency, always prioritizing the security of customer information. 

iQor’s employee net promoter score (eNPS) far surpassed the consumer finance brand’s expectations. eNPS is measured by asking employees how likely they are to recommend or promote their company as a workplace. Scores range from -100 (no promoters) to 100 (all promoters). A good eNPS among BPOs is any score above 30%. A score of 50% is considered excellent. 

iQor’s longstanding commitment to a positive employee experience resulted in an exceptional 67% eNPS over six months for the finance customer care program, more than double the industry threshold for acceptable service quality. iQor sustains uniquely high eNPS, proving that we set the gold standard for BPO industry-leading employee satisfaction with contact center agents. This aligns seamlessly with our finance partner’s uncompromising high standards for customer support. 

Our successful employee satisfaction scores are driven in part by innovation, one of iQor’s core business values. iQor’s CX experts empower an irresistible employee experience through digital solutions like AI-powered predictive attrition modeling. Our forward-thinking framework effectively reduces agent turnover and supports the high-touch customer interactions the consumer finance provider’s customer service model requires. 

iQor’s Global Footprint Ensures Successful Large-Scale Deployments for Financial Services CX 

iQor’s adaptable approach delivers scalable customer care solutions that grow with our client’s needs. The consumer finance provider trusts us to maintain exceptional service quality and quickly yield high performance outcomes for three key reasons:

  1. iQor’s global footprint and deep experience with large scale, customer care program deployments.
  2. The new program implementation (NPI) team’s past success with ramping up support for financial services clients.
  3. iQor’s transformative organizational development, training, coaching, and workforce management processes that enable high employee satisfaction.  

Agent Training Throughput Rates With iQor Surpass Finance Provider’s Highly Successful Internal Training Program

While the finance provider boasts a well-established internal training program, they sought a more specialized solution for their outsourced customer care program. Their internal trainers joined iQor’s on-site trainers to implement a collaborative, optimized training solution.  

Over seven training waves, the program achieved a 94% completion rate at the current staffing level of approximately 300 agents, with growth projections anticipated to exceed 500 in 2024.  

This success stems from iQor’s deep understanding of the financial services industry and our ability to tailor the program to equip new hires with the specific skills and knowledge needed to excel from Day One. The result: a more prepared and confident workforce, directly contributing to the success of the finance provider’s customer support operations.

BPO Customer Care Operations Achieve All Goals for Prominent Financial Services Client From Month One

The consumer finance provider quickly recognized the accomplishments of iQor’s customer care operations. We achieved all KPI and SLA goals from Month One and exceeded all customer care goals by the end of Month Two.  

This consistent performance success and dedication to continuous improvement led the consumer finance provider to expand the previously defined program with extensive ramps and new site launches in additional iQor geos. Delighted with the results, our client is actively engaged in discussions with iQor’s team about new opportunities to support their business. This proactive partnership ensures we can further optimize their comprehensive CX operation.

Success Snapshot 

Unstoppable Performance 

  • Employee-centric culture. 
  • Advanced agent training & management. 
  • Talent-rich geolocations. 
  • Purposeful CX innovations. 
  • Agile, efficient operations. 
  • High-touch service delivery. 

Irresistible Outcomes 

  • Full performance compliance from Month One. 
  • Exceeded customer care goals by Month Two. 
  • VOC 4% above target in Month Four. 
  • QA +22% above target by Month Four. 
  • SLAs +25% above target from launch. 
  • Abandonment rate 10x below threshold. 

  • Reported 3.5% attrition during ramp within 90 days post-launch. 
  • Employee NPS (eNPS) 67% over six months, exceeding the threshold for excellent customer service quality among BPOs. 
  • Sustained training throughput/graduation rate of 94% for over 300 hired agents since December 2023, with growth projected to exceed 500 agents in 2024. 

Read on for the full story that accomplished these outcomes. 


The consumer finance provider has partnered with iQor’s outsourced managed services for over two decades. Our revenue recovery services yielded impressive outcomes for the client over time, leading them to expand our partnership to other lines of business.

BPO’s Employee-Centric Culture Secures First-Time Consumer Finance Customer Care Outsourcing Partnership

When our longstanding client decided to outsource customer care operations for the first time—a rarity in this sector due to the need to protect sensitive financial information and provide high-touch, personalized customer support—they knew they could rely on iQor’s values, processes, and employee-centric culture to deliver on critical performance targets. 

In a historic first move, they selected iQor to manage an offshore customer care operation. We launched the customer care program with the consumer finance provider in 2023, initially providing inbound voice-only customer care support. As our service quality met and exceeded expectations, the partnership expanded to encompass additional lines of business, reflecting the client’s confidence in iQor.

For decades, iQor has exceeded the conventional wisdom of outsourcing vendors by forging strategic partnerships with brands that leverage our deep CX expertise and commitment to achieving our client’s business goals. The consumer finance provider partners with us, proactively seeking our solutions and expertise. Their confidence in iQor is evident—they enthusiastically engage with us to replicate our successful performance across their operations. This open communication fosters a collaborative partnership where we deliver exceptional employee and customer satisfaction together. 

Business Opportunity

The consumer finance provider shares iQor’s standard for an employee-centric culture that results in outstanding customer experience performance. They asked iQor to swiftly build a comprehensive team of customer service agents that would meet or exceed their rigorous performance benchmarks. They presented an ambitious timeframe, requiring program launch within just 60 days.

Rapid Deployment Expertise Launches High-Quality Offshore Finance CX Program in 60 Days

iQor began building the new offshore program, tailoring our site launch strategy to:

  • Ensure alignment with the consumer finance provider’s key objectives and underlying business model. 
  • Communicate openly with the consumer finance provider to define performance expectations every step of the way. 
  • Identify which of iQor’s established geolocations best maximizes the consumer finance provider’s customer service strategy. 
  • Customize contact center agent recruitment, training, workforce management, and career development to accelerate speed to proficiency. 

The new program implementation team’s deep expertise in cloud-based omnichannel solutions, automation, process optimization, security, and the integration of artificial intelligence capabilities were key in evolving a support model that meets the consumer finance provider’s CX needs.


The Cost-Effective, Talent Rich Capabilities of iQor’s Philippines Contact Centers

iQor identified one of our sites in the Philippines as the optimal offshore location for the consumer finance provider. This strategic decision leverages the area’s robust talent pool and unwavering customer service culture. 

This site is situated in a region known for its educational institutions and a high concentration of skilled English-speaking professionals, making it an ideal location for sourcing talented agents with the skills to deliver financial customer care services to a predominantly U.S.-based consumer.  

The site’s geographic setting also offers the stable infrastructure and environment critical for service reliability, one of our client’s top priorities. We are established in the region, which empowers us to smoothly launch new programs and ensure quick operational success.

iQor’s track record of performance excellence has been recognized by some of the business world’s top accolades, including the Great Place to Work® certification

While achieving a Great Place to Work® certification is a mark of distinction, iQor goes a step further. We cultivate a high-engagement culture with organizational development programs that drive BPO industry-leading agent retention and customer service delivery.

Our approach is superior. We leverage a robust analytics platform to understand employee sentiment and satisfaction while optimizing supervisor-to-agent coaching. This allows us to tailor programs and processes that keep our agents engaged and thriving. 

Here’s what sets iQor apart:

  • Data-driven approach. Our data science and operations teams harness analytics-based strategies to optimize the employee experience.  
  • Speed to proficiency. Our process from hiring to production is the fastest in the BPO industry. 
  • Industry-leading retention. We focus on long-term contact center agent career development and success. 
  • Superior customer service. A happy and engaged workforce translates to happier customers. 

Fast-Tracking Operational Readiness Through Meaningful Investments in Employee Experience 

After pinpointing the ideal location, iQor initiated the recruitment and onboarding process for the finance provider’s customer care operation.

Investing in Innovative, Analytics-Driven Coaching and Training Development That Fortifies Employee Satisfaction and Boosts Retention

To maximize performance outcomes, the launch team made significant investments in the employee experience. iQor’s unique nesting approach demonstrably reduces the risk of attrition for new hires. 

Extended nesting ensures smooth knowledge transfer from training, while additional support structures set customer service representatives up for success through: 

  • Daily collaboration with trainers that mitigates performance roadblocks and inspires excellence.  
  • Weekly reviews and call calibrations that foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.  

Impressive Coaching Outcomes Recognized With Stevie® Award

iQor’s iLead Next Level Career Coaching program has been repeatedly recognized with the Bronze Stevie® Award for sales and customer service. Our focus on coaching, assessments, and self-empowered learning results in high employee engagement and satisfaction, reflecting the efficacy and value our program presents to financial services organizations considering customer care outsourcing.

VALDI Empowers Intelligent Agent Coaching and Compliance

Our commitment to continuous growth extends to providing personalized coaching and training based on performance data. With VALDI, iQor’s proprietary speech and interaction analytics platform, we collect and analyze agent information to ensure every team member receives the support they need to master necessary skills and achieve sustained compliance.  

iQor goes beyond analyzing customer interactions with VALDI. Our coach-to-coach program monitors, records, and retrieves insights from all leadership coaching sessions, from manager to supervisor to agent, resulting in more meaningful and analytical coaching. This performance-driven strategy empowers our teams with ongoing learning and keeps them highly engaged by fueling a culture of continuous improvement for all team members. 

iQor’s unique coaching methodology identifies opportunities for utilizing analytics across every touchpoint to unlock insights that lead to predictive customer net promoter score (NPS) improvements. The result? Higher employee satisfaction and increased value for our financial services client and their end customer. 

Powering Consumer Finance Talent Acquisition With AI

As part of our broader employee-centric framework, iQor harnesses AI-powered recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, ensuring our clients’ customer care programs are matched with frontline agents who are the right fit for their CX program.  

To maximize program outcomes, iQor has developed a comprehensive AI strategy defined by an ecosystem of AI tools, including proprietary and best-in-class third-party solutions, combined with our decades of accumulated process knowledge. We call this Symphony [AI]TM

iQor’s Comprehensive Symphony [AI] Strategy Maximizes CX Performance Outcomes

iQor’s Symphony [AI] ecosystem streamlines consumer finance customer service agent recruitment by mitigating bias, accelerating hiring speed, matching ideal candidates, and harmonizing the entire employee lifecycle. This empowers our clients to tap into a global pool of talent who possess the specific skills and characteristics crucial for success in finance customer care. 

This blend of advanced technology and decades of accumulated CX process knowledge significantly improves program outcomes, providing our clients the competitive edge needed to optimize CX operations at scale. 

Accelerating Finance Agent Retention and Performance Through Best-in-Class Contact Center Training Techniques

iQor delivers a comprehensive six-week training program, spearheaded by our Global Learning and Development Team. This program includes a two-week nesting period that successfully instills knowledge and customer service expertise, preparing the team for superior service delivery.

iQor’s Training Delivers Higher Agent Graduation Rates for Finance Brand

At the program’s inception, the finance provider’s trainers integrated with our on-site trainers for a truly collaborative partnership approach to agent training. The program achieved a remarkable 94% graduation rate.  

This data demonstrates that iQor’s robust training program equips new hires with the skills and knowledge to excel from Day One all the way to the production floor, ultimately maximizing the success of the finance brand’s customer care operation.  

These outcomes enable this prominent finance brand to confidently entrust iQor with their outsourced high-touch customer care operation. iQor’s effective customer support approach ensures the finance brand’s customers are well-served, reflected in top-notch performance and quality metrics that prioritize customer satisfaction. 

iQor’s employee experience approach goes beyond script compliance and performance outcomes. We strive for continuous improvement throughout the employee lifecycle by providing ongoing coaching and support. Th equips agents with valuable skill sets, empowering them to chart their own career development paths. 

Refining Recruitment Precision With Language Assessment Testing

iQor’s talent acquisition team has extensive experience leveraging a broad spectrum of client-preferred language assessment platforms. The consumer finance client prefers Versant tests, which evaluate speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills, enabling recruiters to ensure high-quality hires through unbiased evaluation methodologies from the outset.  

This testing is thorough, fully automated, and administered both online and on-site, with results available immediately. This efficiency eliminates lags associated with waiting for test results. Each candidate receives an instant score report detailing their performance, areas for improvement, and an overall CEFR or GSE score, thanks to advanced speech and text processing technology that allows for immediate and anonymous scoring. 

iQor leverages this testing tool to equip the customer care operations with the right candidates for high-touch consumer finance customer service delivery. 

Customizing Workforce Management Expertise for Finance Customer Support

Utilizing NICE’s CX platform to maximize outcomes for financial services, iQor delivers effective scheduling that fosters high performance among agents. This enables seamless workforce ramps that meet peak staffing requirements. 

iQor’s expertise in workforce management allows the consumer finance provider to achieve optimal agent occupancy with accurate forecasting that efficiently handles large customer interaction volumes. 

Our focus on fostering a highly motivated and satisfied workforce also directly results in more efficient customer resolutions times (CRT) and lower average handle times (AHT) for sensitive financial inquiries, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

iQor’s decades of experience prove that a happy and well-supported workforce is key to achieving our clients’ goals. Through investments in training, coaching, mentorship, and career development, we empower our employees to excel in their roles, achieve tenure in the organization, and provide best-in-class customer support. 

In the BPO industry, where exceeding a 30% employee net promoter score is considered good and 50% is considered excellent, our commitment to employee well-being shines through with an exceptional 67% eNPS satisfaction score among frontline customer care agents. Our success in becoming our client’s sole BPO partner is a powerful testament to the impact of a positive employee experience on delivering exceptional financial services CX. 


iQor’s strategic approach exceeded our client’s expectations, setting a groundbreaking precedent in consumer finance customer care. In under 60 days, iQor:

Achieved full performance compliance from Month One. 

Exceeded customer care goals in Month Two.  

Exceeded voice of the customer (VOC) target by up to 4% in Month Four. 

Exceeded call quality by 10% from Day One, reaching 22% by Month Four. 

Achieved service levels 25% above target out of the gate. 

Sustained abandon rates significantly below threshold by a factor of 10.  

Reported 3.5% attrition during ramp within 90 days post-launch. 

Sustained employee net promoter scores (eNPS) 67% over six months, significantly exceeding the threshold for excellent customer service quality among BPOs. 

Sustained training throughput/graduation rate of 94% for over 300 hired agents since December 2023, with growth projected to exceed 500 agents in 2024. 

The Roadmap for Continued Consumer Finance Customer Care Success

This case study has highlighted the successful collaboration between iQor and a leading consumer finance provider. Seeking a reliable partner for their first foray into outsourced customer care, the consumer finance provider developed confidence in iQor’s commitment to employee satisfaction and CX innovation—qualities that perfectly align with their need for a high-touch customer experience culture.  

Looking ahead, iQor seeks to expand our role as a trusted partner for the consumer finance provider. Our client’s proactive approach to optimizing their CX operation creates a perfect foundation for expanding our partnership, including additional services across more geolocations, all delivered by iQor’s highly trained and satisfied multilingual customer support agents.

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