Streamlining Contract Management Workflows Through Digital Transformation to Improve Ease, Efficiency, and Cost

This week’s guest is Jerry Levine, general counsel and chief evangelist at ContractPodAi. He both uses and celebrates the ContractPodAi technology platform that offers inside legal teams the ability to get more work done with less friction while contributing to a great customer experience.

On this episode, we hear how the ContractPodAi cloud enables the digital transformation of the in-house legal field through contract lifecycle management that utilizes intuitive artificial intelligence (or augmented intelligence, as Jerry says) to increase legal agility, improve workflows, and save money.

From Client to General Counsel and Chief Evangelist

When Jerry joined ContractPodAi as their general counsel and chief evangelist he brought with him an extensive legal background as well as experience implementing and using ContractPodAi as a customer himself. At his previous in-house legal department for a tech company, he first tried implementing another contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, but with many features only available as add-ons, he sought a better solution. He turned to ContractPodAi which offered integrations with other systems and extensive automation to improve workflows along with excellent customer support to learn the ins and outs of the platform.

Almost immediately, ContractPodAi identified lost revenue on previous contracts and saved the company $500,000 while also significantly lowering the turnaround time on contracts.

With such positive experiences using the platform, he truly believed in the product as a user, so much so that he joined ContractPodAi. Jerry is still a loyal customer and helps guide ContractPodAi’s digital vision and enhancements while adding value for inside legal teams and clients.

The Digital Transformation of CLM

Built by attorneys, ContractPodAi guides the digital transformation of contract lifecycle management and provides insights and efficiency into the process in addition to offering other capabilities through its extensive legal platform. It uses an intuitive artificial intelligence (AI) engine to help legal teams be ready for anything.

Because legal teams manage numerous contracts and relationships concurrently, managing them efficiently can often present challenges with large amounts of unstructured data that isn’t easily organized in a database without assistance from natural language processing, machine learning, or other AI technologies. The digital transformation of CLM offers structure to the process that saves time and money and improves accuracy as well as speed of contract closings.

ContractPodAi distinguishes itself in this transformation by providing end-to-end contract lifecycle management. This enables in-house legal teams to quickly and easily create, complete, search, and manage contracts of any type while advanced AI automatically detects and extracts obligations and offers recommendations to help make decisions.

It is configured to each customer’s unique systems and requirements offering a single repository for every contract with powerful tools that grow and scale through an easy user experience that improves speed and efficiency.

Moreover, the excellent customer support that Jerry experienced firsthand makes the integration simple and stress-free so legal leaders “look like heroes” as Jerry says. 

Empowering In-House Legal Teams With AI

Contracts are the lifeblood of business and CLM can benefit legal teams across industries, from banking and finance to customer care, software vendors, and manufacturers. ContractPodAi makes all aspects of the contract process better, faster, and easier through digitization and automation.

Jerry sees this as especially helpful in the legal profession which hasn’t seen significant changes in the nature of their work since the time of Abraham Lincoln. Legal work still involves a lot of research and writing, but in the fast-paced digital world of today’s businesses there are opportunities to streamline it with digital technology. Many legal professionals rely on older technology like email and Excel and sometimes resist digital innovation within the legal department. But with contracts impacting many aspects of the business, utilizing AI to improve workflows offers tremendous benefits throughout the contract lifecycle.

With so much information contained in contracts, extracting it, organizing it, and accessing it with ease presents opportunities to leverage the power of digitization. Early contract management platforms focused on storing and organizing the information according to customer and/or project. 

Modern CLM technologies like ContractPodAi offer similar features, but also address the entire contract lifecycle. This innovation is a significant change from electronic storage and shared drives or syncing programs. ContractPodAi’s technology enables it to extract and interpret data better than people can, providing insights that may otherwise be missed.

Two Examples of How CLM Helps Your Entire Business

Jerry describes ContractPodAi as “augmented intelligence” that makes it possible for the humans using it to do more. It takes things that are tedious and cumbersome and uses automation to make unstructured and hidden data accessible and manageable to improve business processes and outcomes.

An effective CLM platform empowers legal teams to act more strategically to make good decisions with efficiency and deliver a great customer experience to the organization.

He offers two examples of these benefits.

  1. CLM Adds Value

The entire team at ContractPodAi is committed to creating an excellent customer experience within their digital transformation. As general counsel and chief evangelist, Jerry wants customers to enjoy the success he has experienced with the platform since switching to it several years ago on his previous legal team.

He had a dedicated 24/7 support representative at ContractPodAi that gave him his WhatsApp and phone number and made it clear that Jerry could contact him whenever he had questions. Having this customer service resource with one-on-one support made Jerry very comfortable with the platform. The resulting insights ultimately led to tremendous savings for his firm which was able to spend less on outside counsel. 

In fact, within three weeks of using ContractPodAi at his former tech company, Jerry’s legal team identified two outstanding contracts that finance had stopped billing but support teams were still servicing due to gaps in communication. Remedying this situation saved his company $500,000 a year!

  1. CLM Improves Workflows Across Departments

ContractPodAi integrates with Salesforce, Workday, and numerous other platforms and services to facilitate workflows across business functions. This enables in-house legal departments to effectively manage risk while also delivering solutions that are connected throughout the organization and equip sales with the resources they need to sell with confidence.

This type of digital transformation enables legal professionals to move faster, access the information they need, and collaborate seamlessly across the business.

For example, when Jerry originally began using ContractPodAi in his previous job, his team closed a contract in 24 hours which the sales team thought would take two weeks! The improved workflows enabled by the CLM made it possible for the legal team to move faster with efficiency and accuracy in ways that benefited the entire organization.

What Jerry Does for Fun

Fun for Jerry is all about family. He relishes the time he spends playing video games with his son and exploring new destinations with his family. In addition to that, he and his family are foodies who love exploring restaurants and tasty dishes. With encouragement from his wife and their commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Jerry went vegan a few years ago and enjoys all kinds of vegan delights.

Jerry Levine welcomes connecting on LinkedIn to explore topics such as the future of law.

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