As part of iQor’s emphasis on digital technology innovation, the managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions has selected ContractPodAi to drive greater insights into its contract lifecycle management processes. ContractPodAi is a customizable cloud-based platform that simplifies contract management and workflows and automates tasks to improve efficiency. 

“We continually seek opportunities to drive greater efficiency and increase the ease of doing business with us. Whether developing our own digital tools or harnessing the power of digital partners, we seek to streamline processes to create rewarding experiences for our customers,” said iQor President and CEO Gary Praznik. 

iQor’s digital transformation strategy integrates technology and automation with human interactions to elevate the digital customer experience. To this end, ContractPodAi empowers iQor’s legal team to optimize operational workflows and increase compliance adherence through a customizable and comprehensive cloud-based contract management platform. Streamlined automation through a single contract repository enables iQor’s legal professionals to quickly create, complete, search, and manage agreements through secure digitized workflows. 

“ContractPodAi’s scalable platform with AI functionality automates processes and streamlines contract negotiation, review, and compliance monitoring while integrating it with our CRM platform. This digital technology increases velocity and efficiency throughout the contract lifecycle and makes it even easier for our clients to do business with us,” said Runa Rosenfield, iQor General Counsel. 

“Our role at ContractPodAi is to create incredible experiences for legal teams and allied professionals through our industry-leading CLM and AI products. We are pleased to work with iQor in their continued digital transformation journey and building rewarding, efficient, and effective experiences for their internal teams and external partners,” added Jerry Levine, Chief Evangelist & General Counsel at ContractPodAi.