Meeting Client’s Short Term and Long-Term Needs Wins in the BPO Industry 

Our featured guest on this episode is Gail McLaughlin Toti. Gail has a unique vision with her customer relationships based on her tenure in the BPO industry. She can see her client’s needs in the short term and the long term.

Gail has been with iQor for 11 years as Vice President of Business Development and has been in the contact center industry for more than 25 years. She started in the technology side of the business and has witnessed its evolution to provide a full spectrum of services today that include voice support with call center agents and digital support handled by other contact center agents and digital solutions. Gail has seen a lot of change in how the customer experience is managed.

The Evolution of the Customer Experience

Gail points out how the customer experience has evolved over the years from voice-only services delivered to a narrow set of vertical industry clients to an omnichannel model provided to clients across a wide variety of verticals in many sectors. The modern customer experience combines the human voice with digital services and consulting to clients, enabling them to use digital CX solutions to enhance the customer experience.

Each Customer is Unique

Gail attributes her creative selling skills in part to her focus on getting to know each customer, their brand, their go-to-market strategy, and what they need to accomplish. Her partner mindset with each customer relationship enables her to learn which CX solutions are the best fit now.

Gail also learns her partner’s DNA. Her vision is for both today as well as the future needs of each client. She tells the story of a new client who began a customer care program with iQor deploying 45 call center agents with growth potential to 400 agents. However, she is intent on addressing her client’s most immediate business objectives. She also has strong relationships with clients whose needs are the same year over year.

Regardless of a client’s growth potential, her approach is consistent. She always works to get to know the customer’s business. She seeks to understand where they are today and where they want to be in their business in the years to come. This approach of understanding a customer’s business plans coupled with Gail’s expertise in the contact center outsourcing industry allows her to develop customer service outsourcing solutions that are aligned to the client’s best interest today and in the years to come.

Conversations with Multiple Stakeholders

Two years ago, we received an RFP which was also sent to several of our competitors. We responded to the RFP in cooperation with several business partners. iQor won the business, starting the program with 45 full-time contact center agents. Today we have 900 full-time employees (FTEs) supporting this client, growing to 1,400 during peak season. This client relationship was built through a team effort which created an opportunity for iQor and our partners.

For example, we introduced our speech analytics solution to the client, saving them money and enabling them to win more renewals and build more revenue. The collaborative approach with all stakeholders in the decision process allowed Gail to structure a CX solution that achieves many meaningful metrics.

Customer Service Mix

Gail is always looking to find ways to help clients drive revenue with their end customers by leveraging various contact center solution offerings from iQor. She points out that she enjoys a long-standing relationship with PJ Singh, iQor’s Chief Digital Officer. They have worked together for many years to collaborate on designing CX solutions that help our clients exceed their customer experience goals.

Gail’s Vision for the Future of BPO

When asked what’s in store for the future of BPO, Gail quickly points out that it is in iQor’s DNA to embrace the industry’s ongoing evolution. The human voice will remain a key component of customer care delivery along with digital solutions, such as RPA, chat, SMS, speech analytics, and more. She expects these digital solutions to be complementary to voice contact center support solutions.

Charitable Fun

When Gail’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family. At the time of this recording, Gail was training for the PMS Challenge, which is a cycling event in New England. Supporting an event such as this aligns with iQor’s value of Giving Back. Gail has an athlete’s mindset — she’s super competitive! — so we expect to hear a good report of her participation in this event! All proceeds go to the Dana Farber Foundation.

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