Paving a Path to Success in Frontline Contact Center Leadership

This week, we welcome Chevon Brathwaite to the Digitally Irresistible podcast. Chevon is senior manager of operations at iQor Trinidad and Tobago with over 15 years’ experience in contact center operations and a passion for customer service and professional development for frontline employees.  

Chevon began his career working in contact center operations, gaining additional responsibilities and shouldering new roles as he displayed an aptitude for developing himself and others to excel in the customer service business. His boots-on-the-ground experience as an agent and supervisor helped advance his career in the BPO industry with iQor Trinidad and Tobago, where he supports iQor’s clients through a diverse talent pool supported by a comprehensive infrastructure that delivers robust data security and performance for smile-worthy CX. 

On this episode, we discuss how Chevon paved the way for new client relationships with iQor in Trinidad and Tobago by maximizing the performance of his teams to exceed client KPIs while also investing in their personal and professional development.  

Earning Client Confidence Through Open Communication and Quality Customer Service

Chevon began his career as a call center agent at the frontlines of customer care. As he gained experience, his authentic passion for providing exceptional customer service propelled his advancement to supervisory roles. Chevon’s experience as a call center supervisor provided him with a new perspective on customer service. Investing directly in his team’s well-being and professional development to aid their achievement of department objectives resulted in a significant and lasting impact on customer service culture within the company. 

Upon initially expanding nearshoring services to Trinidad and Tobago, iQor gave Chevon the opportunity to join us as a critical operations resource. His years of hands-on experience fielding customer inquiries and managing teams in the region made him an ideal candidate. Chevon joined iQor, transitioning from a single-brand contact center environment to a BPO environment servicing multiple clients. Chevon embraced the opportunity with great enthusiasm, leveraging his extensive contact center management experience. He set out to listen to the needs of all his clients and harnessed iQor’s resources to achieve the best outcomes for all the clients that his team supports. 

To accomplish this, Chevon emphasized close, open communication with the client to achieve their KPIs, while maintaining his commitment to quality and security. The unique characteristics of the talent pool in Trinidad and Tobago combined with iQor’s high standards in client data privacy and protection empowered Chevon to support new clients and drive operations excellence at iQor.

Why Trinidad and Tobago Is an Attractive Location for Nearshore Customer Service 

Trinidad and Tobago features a combination of strategic advantages that position it as an attractive location in the global outsourcing landscape. Chevon describes how the country’s unique qualities combine with iQor’s CX operations expertise to create optimal outcomes for the clients he and his team support. 

Geographically positioned below the hurricane belt, the islands’ location ensures a level of operational stability and minimizes the risks associated with weather-related events, making the two-island nation a reliable hub for businesses seeking customer service operations. 

Trinidad and Tobago also boasts a population of young, college-educated, digitally savvy talent ready to delve into the world of customer service. This pool of skilled professionals offers a unique blend of technical aptitude and innovative thinking, paving the way for adaptable and creative solutions to customer interactions.  

The country’s population includes a large number of bilingual speakers, providing a competitive edge by enabling seamless communication with a diverse range of customers. While Trinidad and Tobago has its own distinct culture, it also shares many similarities with American culture, allowing for a seamless adaptation to the needs and expectations of American customers. This cultural compatibility fosters a sense of familiarity and understanding between agent and customer that drives higher customer satisfaction.   

Trinidad and Tobago is a nearshore customer service destination that blends geographic resilience, skilled talent, linguistic versatility, and American cultural synchronization to deliver top-tier customer experiences. Chevon’s leadership focuses on integrating these benefits into optimized teams and operations strategies that yield powerful returns on investment (ROI) for iQor’s strategic partners, many of whom begin with one line of business and expand to multiple LOBs due to their success.

The Positive Feedback Loop of Employee Experiences That Inspire Engagement and Deliver Exceptional CX

In his role as senior manager of operations at iQor Trinidad and Tobago, Chevon is most passionate about working with people to cultivate and strengthen bonds between team members and customers. Optimize the customer experience through human-centric interaction with agents. Investing in the success of his employees through mentorship and other support practices gives his work a sense of purpose and drives his commitment to managing with excellence. iQor’s succession planning and career pathing programs ensure that when Chevon invests in the success of his teams, he is helping each agent cultivate opportunities for their own professional advancement and support within the company.  

In one case, an agent on Chevon’s team was experiencing a personal challenge. Chevon took the time to understand what iQor could do to provide support while the agent navigated their circumstances. This agent received support and has since advanced to a management position, exemplifying iQor’s investment in tenured employees who create value for our clients.  

Chevon’s contribution to this process is critical to creating positive employee experiences driven by evidence-backed retention strategies that boost engagement and build employees into leaders.  

3 Irresistible Benefits Driving Client Expansion Into Nearshoring With iQor Trinidad and Tobago

Chevon has been integral in maximizing Trinidad and Tobago as an attractive nearshoring geolocation to build and expand client relationships. One of iQor’s clients had not previously outsourced to a nearshore location and expressed an interest in learning more. Chevon met with the client, highlighting his team’s capabilities and the location’s benefits. Chevon emphasized three areas that ultimately inspired the client to expand their strategic outsourcing partnership with iQor to include nearshoring services in Trinidad and Tobago. 

1. Rapid, efficient onboarding.  

The client was impressed by iQor Trinidad and Tobago’s swift onboarding process, which seamlessly recruited and trained new talent, demonstrating remarkable efficiency and a commitment to delivering results from day one. 

2. Data security and protection.  

A top priority for the client was iQor’s unwavering commitment to stringent data protection protocols and maintaining top-tier security compliance, instilling confidence in the safety of sensitive information and fostering a trustworthy partnership. 

iQor provides this peace of mind for clients in all geos with best-in-class CX cloud infrastructure and multi-layer security protocols. We continuously invest in a dynamic zero trust approach to cybersecurity that leverages the most up-to-date trends in security awareness with multi-factor authentication, network security, data security, device authentication, and continuous monitoring of client and customer information.  

3. Bilingual talent.   

The availability of a bilingual talent pool in this geolocation helped solidify the client’s decision to nearshore their operations with iQor Trinidad and Tobago. Linguistic familiarity helps provide seamless customer service across a diverse array of inquiries, simplifying interactions and maintaining customer satisfaction

Investing in Leadership Is Key to Success in Every Geolocation

At iQor, we recognize that the cornerstone of success lies in a strategic investment in leadership. Chevon’s consistent excellence in contact center roles showcased his capability of providing the guidance, motivation, and direction to navigate diverse customer needs as a senior operations manager while keeping up with the ever-evolving BPO industry. 

Since taking on the responsibility of senior operations manager at iQor Trinidad and Tobago, Chevon’s coaching and support practices have consistently inspired optimal performance from the diverse talent pool he leads. His proven ability to oversee the onboarding process, along with the availability of a bilingual workforce and iQor’s commitment to data security, have inspired client confidence in nearshoring with iQor Trinidad and Tobago, driving successful client outcomes with exceptional customer service. 

What Chevon Does for Fun

Like many Trinidadians, Chevon enjoys soaking up the sun and surf on the beautiful local beaches. He also enjoys binge-watching movies and spending time with his family. 

To learn more about Chevon, visit him on LinkedIn




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