In a highly competitive market for high-quality customer service agents, speed-to-hire is more important than ever. Here’s how iQor finds the best-fitting agents for your business in record time.

Finding the Right People

iQor takes an immersive approach to understanding client support needs to build out unique agent profiles. From requisition to onboarding, expectations are clearly defined to only bring in applicants that fit the job description.

Day 1

Apply, Pre-Screen and Chat with Recruiter

Day 2

Right-Fit Assessment

Day 3

Accept, onboard, and train!

Day One: Automated and Reliable Pre-Screening

The clock begins once the candidate applies. From there, we send an automatic mobile link for our customized pre-screening questionnaire. If the candidate meets the criteria, our recruiter reaches out to them within the hour via text message and phone call. We track candidates like we would track sales leads, and staff our recruiters accordingly in order to contact every pre-screened candidate. This can be done seasonally and for new campaigns so call volumes are staffed just right.

Day Two: Finding the Best Candidates with Right-Fit Tests

On day two, the pre-screened candidate will either receive our customer situational simulation or online candidate scoring model to be scored on customer service aptitude. These tests tell us if the candidate has what it takes to be an empathetic, customer-driven agent that will propel positive customer experiences for your brand.

Day Three: Onboarding

On day three, the candidate finishes out the final round of interviews (in-person or virtual) and can be extended an offer and on-boarded for training that same day. No matter the location, our thin client technology, and cloud-based infrastructure allow us to ramp up agents in any location instantly.

For remote workers, we conduct a work-at-home validation check to confirm the candidate’s internet, upload/download speed, operating system, memory, and more so we know they have the equipment necessary to deliver a quality customer experience.

The Results

20% increase in acceptance rate over 2 years

Conversion up by 13% over 1 year

Time-to-Fill 63% faster than the global average

A+ Teams Now and Into the Future

You got the agent fast, now you want them to last. iQor maintains retention by using data analytics and predictive models that get better and better with time. We track retention by a number of attributes including recruiter, lead source, work type, geo, and many more to analyze winning retention combinations and where we can tweak areas for success. This, combined with our award-winning training, culture, and retention initiatives has led to increased retention and employee satisfaction.

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