Experience Drives Trust-Building in the BPO Industry

Troy Sanders has been very successful in his sales career at iQor. Troy’s career includes an extensive background in professional services, marketing, sales, and operations. He credits trust building as the biggest factor to his success in sales in the BPO industry. In this episode, we examine Troy’s strategy that has fueled his success.

Troy began his career at AT&T, where he spent fifteen years in various roles. One such role was procurement, where he was responsible for selecting and managing relationships with outsourcing partners who provide outsourced customer service, direct response, and direct fulfillment services. At the time, Troy was working with an outsourcing partner named Interactive Response Technologies (IRT). Troy considered the quality of the people and services delivered by IRT to be the best in the industry. When iQor acquired IRT, he got the chance to learn more about the company, culture, and service offerings. He decided to join iQor to represent those services in the market as Vice President of Business Development.

Secret Sauce to Sales Success

Troy has been successful in his sales role at iQor because of his ability to build trust with clients. Many of the people Troy interacts with are in positions he has previously held in his career. Consequently, Troy has the knowledge and skills to understand what it takes to enhance his client’s end-customer experience. In short, he’s walked in their shoes, so he understands the scope of work needed to design customer care solutions that meet his client’s needs.

Teamwork in BPO Sales

Troy acknowledges that CX technology and the family-like culture at iQor are a great recipe for team selling and support. It starts with senior leadership and transcends throughout the organization and to frontline employees serving as the voice of the customer. He attributes this culture to great communication across the organization that drives smiles and happy customer experiences supported by processes and tools that make agents effective at their job.

Bringing All the Experience Together

Troy works with clients such as big-box retailers and emergency road assistance brands. He leverages his background and experience to create efficient solutions that include self-help options such as digital IVR and speech analytics that help agents understand the customer’s sentiment.  Ultimately, Troy designs efficient CX solutions to drive a good customer experience, ranging from self-help to a live phone conversation with an agent to answer the end customer’s specific questions.

Digital Solutions for Call Center Agents

The digital CX solutions available to agents at iQor begin with design thinking from the voice of the customer first. These solutions make agents more efficient and happier. Digital tools reduce some of the labor effort needed to make the end-customer happy through intelligent automation such as AI that can help the agent ask the right questions or RPA that reduces the workload of mundane tasks. These result in happier frontline employees, which Troy refers to as brand specialists. These tools enable them to feel good about their job, which creates more smiles all the way around.

Looking to the Future

Troy is looking forward to the continued impact of digital interaction on contact center agent’s ability to drive efficiency and drive cost down in the client’s business. By giving our clients more self-help options in customer care delivery, we can deflect calls, reduce costs, and still provide the end-customer the option of speaking to an agent when needed.

Troy’s Fun

Troy lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It’s no surprise that he enjoys boating, fishing, and just about anything that keeps him out in the sun.

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