Breaking New Ground for the Early Success of iQor Colombia

This week, we welcome Fabian Garcia to the Digitally Irresistible podcast. Fabian is senior director of operations and country lead of iQor Colombia. With 15 years of experience in contact center operations and a passion for the BPO industry, Fabian’s leadership has been instrumental to iQor’s early success in expanding to our first nearshore location in South America.  

Fabian began his career as a lawyer before discovering new and exciting opportunities in the BPO industry. His excellent performance and dedication to the industry propelled him through leadership positions and inspired his passion for recruiting and developing successful agents. 

When approached by iQor about leading the launch of the company’s first South American call center in Medellín, Colombia, Fabian accepted the opportunity to build and grow a successful contact center operation from the ground up with great enthusiasm. 

On this episode, we highlight how Fabian’s leadership has delivered positive results in this nearshore location through his ability to manage a call center while investing in the career growth and development of the frontline employees on his team. Fabian’s devotion to spearheading a brand-new operation, responding flexibly to client needs, and delivering desirable business outcomes for clients has resulted in impressive growth. As our Medellín location continues to deliver favorable results, a number of iQor’s clients are placing their trust in the unique talent and irresistible CX that iQor Colombia offers.

Bilingual Talent and Cultural Compatibility Advance Medellín, Colombia’s Nearshoring Appeal

According to Fabian, the foundation of Medellín’s contact center success is the remarkable passion and strong work ethic of the city’s inhabitants. Employee engagement is high, with agents driven to be successful while receiving support from iQor’s dedication to retention through positive employee experiences that lead to smile-worthy customer engagement. Optimize the customer experience through human-centric interaction with agents.  

Another key element of Medellín’s suitability for exceptional customer service is the availability of bilingual English-Spanish speaking population. The city boasts many universities and institutes that contribute to a highly educated English-speaking population. In recent decades, the city has prioritized its reinvention as a setting for business and technological innovation, making it an ideal location for many industries, including BPOs, to thrive.  

The city’s flourishing tourism industry is another factor that promotes competency with the English language. The influx of English-speaking visitors encourages intercultural communication that increases the local population’s knowledge of American culture. This awareness builds familiarity and cultivates a cultural compatibility between the local talent and iQor’s clients’ customer base, facilitating high customer satisfaction on a daily basis.

Leading With Flexibility to Accomplish Client Goals

Clients who have partnered with iQor’s outsourced BPO solutions in Medellín have noted the well-structured operations combined with a unique human touch that is essential for creating smile worthy CX. These qualities have contributed to the company’s remarkable growth in a new geolocation in a relatively short span of time and highlight Colombia’s growing appeal as a nearshoring destination. 

Fabian explains how, in a specific instance, a client requested to meet prospective new hires before the operational phase officially began. Fabian promptly advertised the positions, resulting in an impressive response from individuals eager to join the company and willing to be interviewed by the client, who collaborated favorably with the hiring process.  

iQor places a high priority on providing CX expertise that incorporates open communication with clients from the outset to meet all goals. Our nearshore outsourcing solutions utilize interaction analytics and strategies to identify new opportunities and provide the tailored support our clients need to succeed. In this situation, Fabian provided a responsive, flexible solution to the client’s request that satisfied their expectations. This proactive approach established trust in the local Colombian team and iQor as a provider of strategic outsourcing solutions and solidified a long-lasting client relationship that exists to this day.

Looking Ahead to New Horizons for Nearshoring in iQor Colombia

To accommodate the current growth rate, iQor plans to establish a second contact center facility in Medellín while exploring potential locations for a second city in Colombia to expand the company’s footprint in the country and increase the capacity of support for our clients.  

Fabian’s adept management of call center teams and savvy business strategies have been pivotal in driving operational success in Medellín. His willingness to innovate in uncharted territory has fueled impressive growth and garnered positive feedback from the clients we support, helping establish iQor as a trusted BPO partner with our nearshoring solutions in Colombia.

What Fabian Does for Fun

When not working, Fabian’s first priority is enjoying time with his family. He also has a passion for soccer and Formula One racing.  

To learn more about Fabian, visit him on LinkedIn

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