Dear iQorians,

Since the senseless death of George Floyd, the world is sending a message that this was a clear and insidious injustice against George Floyd and the African American community. Like so many around the world, our company and families are coming to terms with everyday realities of individuals who face intolerance, discrimination, marginalization and bigotry.

As a leader in the BPO space, iQor will not remain silent on the issue.

We denounce the senseless death of George Floyd, racism in all its forms and condemn violence against all humanity.

As citizens around the globe have protested, we have been listening. We do not pretend to have the answers or even a clear path to how to solve the systemic problems that exist within society. We are committed to listening, learning and educating ourselves so that we can play our part in making the world a better place.

In these times, we draw strength from our recent iQorian Values Week celebration. We firmly believe our values will help guide us through this process of listening and educating as we advocate for equality. We know the path for an equal America will not be easy, and words are no substitute for actions.

There remains much work to be done.


Gary Praznik
President and CEO