Automation reduces hold times and quickly solves customer needs by providing the ability to engage over the customers’ channel of choice.

iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, announced that it combined its digital agents, text, and voice to automate roadside assistance for customers needing fast and effective service 24/7.

iQor’s intelligent virtual assistant addresses the requirement for a self-service solution that improves the customer experience for drivers who need assistance in what can be stressful situations requiring a combination of speed, accuracy, and empathy.

Powered by the AWS Connect platform, iQor’s digital integration service team was able to modernize the customer’s legacy routing engine and build the necessary integrations enabling the interactive voice response (IVR) system to identify customers and prioritize calls using automation. Through self-help options, customers receive the assistance they need to simple questions that require no human intervention. iQor’s AI-powered self-service solution drives priority calls to live agents, reducing hold times for more complex or urgent interactions.

“Collaboration is a big part of our digital culture, said Chief Digital Officer, Prabhjot (PJ) Singh. “Our technology innovation and integration service teams partner with our clients on all things digital, supporting a collaborative and creative process. This process seeks out the best ways to positively impact the customer experience while strategically reducing our clients’ overall cost of service.”

iQor deployed the intelligent virtual assistant for its vehicle roadside assistance client earlier this year as part of its digital first omnichannel customer care support. The digital system increased the number of digitally automated calls by ~38%. It greatly improved the customer experience by solving ~50% of interactions without the need for a live agent.

“PJ’s innovation and integration services teams are having tremendous success solving our clients’ greatest challenges while using the same process to improve and enhance our frontline agent’s user experience and success at the same time,” said President and CEO Gary Praznik. 

iQor makes it easy for businesses to go digital, engage customers on their terms and to quickly provide the type of intuitive, personalized, and more human experience they want. Learn more about how iQor’s digital services can work for your customers here.