Today, iQor Qares kicked off its third annual iQor Qares November Giving Drive to raise donations and further its global reach. iQor Qares is iQor’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that supports iQor employees around the world in need of financial assistance due to life-altering or catastrophic events.  

Since 2019, iQor Qares has given hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars to employees in need around the world, helping more than 250 employees this year alone. Donations have made it possible for iQor employees to rebuild after natural disasters, receive treatment for devastating medical diagnoses, care for loved ones in need, and recover from other life-altering events. 

“iQor Qares offers extraordinary opportunities to support iQor employees during their times of adversity. At the heart of our seven core values is our commitment to give back. We come together to celebrate this during our November Giving Drive to increase awareness and support iQorians in need,” said iQor Chief Operating Officer and iQor Qares Chair Martin Lehtio. 

Every dollar contributed during the drive goes directly to providing financial assistance to iQor employees in need. 

“Support from individuals and corporations who rally behind iQor Qares’ philanthropic mission drives life-changing assistance for employees around the world in times of adversity. Contributions of any amount make a true and lasting impact in the lives of those in need,” said iQor Senior Vice President of Operations and iQor Qares Vice Chair Loren Dennis. 

For more information or to donate, visit iQor Qares welcomes both one-time and recurring credit card donations from individuals worldwide. Additionally, iQor employees in the United States and the Philippines have the option to enroll in payroll donations. Every contribution is sincerely appreciated and plays a meaningful role in fulfilling the iQor Qares mission.