iQor, a leading managed services provider of digitally enabled business process outsourcing solutions, today announced a rigorous IT prioritization process designed to vet artificial intelligence (AI) projects. This strategic approach to navigating growth within the AI landscape will enhance the performance optimization of iQor’s diverse digitally enabled customer service offerings. It will provide governance, structure, and consistency to analyze the viability of AI projects and their potential benefits to the organization and its partners. This prioritization process runs in tandem with iQor’s Symphony [AI]TM ecosystem that leverages iQor’s accumulated process knowledge and proprietary large language models to create a holistic employee experience for irresistible CX.

Recognizing an opportunity to refine existing project governance practices, iQor’s Executive Committee launched this innovative process to empower technology teams to expedite the delivery of high-priority projects with increased speed and agility. This planful approach to AI will assess projects according to a series of established criteria to determine their feasibility and benefits while considering the dynamic needs of clients.

“All IT projects, including those involving AI, must undergo our formal review process. This enables us to concentrate on value-driven projects while maintaining the flexibility to pivot as priorities evolve,” said iQor Chief Digital Officer Prabhjot Singh.

To facilitate this process, iQor has formed a dedicated Validation Board. This expert panel will review all proposed projects to ascertain their feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with iQor’s strategic objectives. The next steps for each project will be determined accordingly.

iQor’s Project Management Office, which includes representatives from the IT, operations, finance, and legal departments, will maintain close contact with project proposers throughout the process. They will communicate the procedures, progress, and outcomes transparently, ensuring all stakeholders remain informed.

This structured and consistent approach to vetting AI projects underscores iQor’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for performance optimization and service enhancement in addition to revolutionizing the employee lifecycle to deliver optimized CX through Symphony [AI]. It further cements the organization’s position at the forefront of industry leaders innovating their operational practices to drive value and efficiency as AI continues to evolve in the marketplace.

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