New partner will inspire, engage and attract viewers across iQor’s growing social media presence

iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, today announced the company has selected BKN Creative as its social media Agency of Record.

“We were looking for expertise, personality and a deep understanding of the ever-changing algorithms,” said Robert Constantine, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for iQor. “Through our vetting process, it became abundantly clear that BKN was the right partner. The fact that they are local to us in Tampa Bay aligns nicely with our desire to reinvest in the communities we operate in across the globe.”

By deploying a comprehensive spectrum of innovative capabilities and strategies, BKN produces authentic brand experiences that inspire, engage, and entice viewers. iQor and BKN Creative will be working closely together to further iQor’s brand in the United States and beyond.

“With integrity, respect, innovation, and a need to give back as iQor’s main drivers, it was clear that iQor, the world’s most sought after outsourced customer support & BPO option, would be a perfect collaborative partner to add to our already robust portfolio,” said Kevin Tydlaska-Dziedzic, CEO of BKN Creative.” The unfettered iQorian culture was the primary motivator for our agency to join forces with iQor. Our incredibly talented and diverse team is thrilled at the opportunity to engage with the iQor brand, team and community.”

About BKN Creative

BKN Creative is an NGLCC certified LGBTBE, family-owned, and operated full-service creative and marketing agency with offices in Tampa, FL. BKN’s goal is to help brands large and small develop, create, and implement unique visual stories. BKN uses tactics from a wide range of innovative capabilities to give a brand identity and voice through graphics, photography, videography, strategy, social media management, advertising, PR, and much more.

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