Tech-enabled BPO launches Bring-Your-Own-Device solution for its work-at-home agents at scale

iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, announced today its selection of ThinScale Secure Remote Worker, the leading software for secure work-at-home solutions using personal devices, to scale its virtual workforce capability across its global footprint.

At the start of 2020, iQor had a stable, robust work-at-home solution in place, having deployed it years earlier to various domestic and off-shore programs. But as COVID-19 began impacting global operations in March of 2020, the company saw the demand for work-at-home solutions expand rapidly and quickly took the opportunity to strengthen its infrastructure with a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solution. A large segment of iQor’s work-at-home team now utilizes a BYOD work-at-home solution.

“When COVID-19 began impacting our clients and operations, we sought a work-at-home solution that would balance our scalability demands with robust security measures without compromising the world-class customer service we are known for,” said President and CEO of iQor, Gary Praznik. “ThinScale enables us to scale our BYOD solution rapidly and while we simultaneously manage virtual work streams remotely.”

The Bring-Your-Own-Device solution allows iQor to leverage its agents’ machines by using ThinScale’s Secure Remote Worker platform to lock down an employee’s device temporarily. Once locked down, the employee cannot access personal programs or software and logs into iQor’s secure cloud environment—the same environment accessed as when the employee is on site.

“From an operations standpoint, the only thing that has changed is the location of our employee,” said Senior Vice President of IT at iQor, Tarn Shant. “Quality assurance, performance metrics, coaching and security measures all remain the same to create positive employee experiences and high-quality customer interactions.”

iQor’s IT administrators manage the secure workspace remotely and can validate the device before onboarding new customer support team members.

The company’s BYOD model provides inherent flexibility to recruiting and staffing and adds velocity to the hiring process when remote employees are called upon to meet call volume spikes.

ThinScale’s Secure Remote Worker platform helps iQor reduce onboarding at scale from hours to minutes with few touchpoints from IT. Additionally, the company has implemented a validation tool into its recruitment process to confirm the candidate’s machine before hiring.