iQor celebrates iQorian Values Week May 16-22, 2022. As a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, iQor believes that amazing experiences start with a value-driven culture. iQorian Values inspire how iQor employees approach each day and every opportunity, with fellow employees and as a trusted partner to clients and customers. 

“iQorian Values Week is iQor’s annual event that celebrates our shared values that keep us moving forward. We pride ourselves in keeping our iQorian Values at the heart of everything we do. Indeed, we celebrate our unique talents and our determination to be more together,” said iQor President and CEO Gary Praznik. 

iQor employees are driven by clear principles that define how they operate, interact, and succeed in today’s market. Each day of iQorian Values Week honors a different iQorian Value and celebrates diverse perspectives and viewpoints united by shared values and successes in the global marketplace. 

The seven iQorian Values that drive the iQor workforce to create smiles are: 

  1. Integrity Honest and reliable interactions. 
  1. Qustomer Dedication – Unparalleled customer experience. 
  1. Open Communication – Respectful interactions. 
  1. Respect – Collaborative and inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and equity. 
  1. Innovation – Ongoing commitment to improving practices. 
  1. Accountability – Responsible and ethical interactions. 
  1. Need To Give Back – Determination to help employees in need through the iQor Qares nonprofit. 

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