iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, invites all CES 2024 attendees to explore the future of omnichannel customer support in the consumer electronics industry by scheduling a virtual consultation with iQor’s CX experts.  

Renowned for the latest in cutting-edge consumer technologies, CES showcases the types of innovations that operate in concert with iQor’s commitment to transforming customer support in the consumer electronics landscape. iQor’s Symphony [AI]TM ecosystem of technology and accumulated process knowledge harnesses the power of generative AI to create a holistic employee experience for irresistible customer experiences (CX). This combination of proprietary and commercial technologies improves CX delivery through AI innovations in recruiting, training, performance, and compliance to deliver sought-after customer experiences at scale for consumer electronics brands. 

By seamlessly integrating generative AI, iQor ensures that its workforce is equipped to adapt, learn, and evolve with agility through recruiting, hiring, and onboarding so client partners benefit from expertly matched technologies and frontline employees tailored to meet the needs of their CX programs. A recent iQor blog post details AI success strategies for unlocking the ultimate customer experience in consumer electronics. 

Consumer electronics brands are encouraged to schedule a virtual consultation with iQor to learn more about how Symphony [AI] and iQor’s decades of CX expertise are reshaping the landscape of customer support to optimize CX excellence now and into the future. 

Book time with a CX expert by visiting iQor’s reservation page to explore the benefits of partnering with a trusted BPO that delivers smile-worthy customer care and technical support.  

Visit to learn more about iQor’s service offerings in the consumer electronics industry and to discover how a strategic outsourcing partnership empowers a leading global retailer’s KPI achievements.