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The Journey to Operational Excellence

In today’s competitive retail landscape, operational excellence isn’t just a goal—it’s a necessity for ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction every day of the year. 

In partnership with Retail Customer, our on-demand webinar features an in-depth exploration of maximizing sales, customer loyalty and satisfaction, and employee experience to create exceptional customer experiences for retailers all year long.

Our panelists are:

  • Tone Holmen, Senior Vice President of Operations, iQor.
  • John Swain, Vice President of Account Management, Retail, iQor.
  • Brian Madonna, Vice President of Operations, Universal Screen Arts, Inc.

Webinar Excerpt

What You Will Learn

Modern Recruitment and Onboarding:  Meet iQor’s Symphony [AI]TM generative AI ecosystem, which streamlines the hiring process and ensures teams are built to cross-train and flex depending on a client’s peak periods and shifting needs.

Achieving Team Proficiency: Discover the necessary steps to nurture your team’s skills, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and excellence in customer service through tailored training.

Outsourcing With Confidence: Learn how iQor’s decades of operational expertise have empowered Universal Screen Arts, Inc., to confidently outsource their customer experience needs.

Seasonal Strategies for Success: A stellar customer experience throughout the year begins with cross-training agents to enable flexible staffing during high peak seasons to adapt to unique challenges and opportunities.

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture: Uncover how iQor’s values guide frontline employees and inspire them to deeply resonate with client brands to deliver high-quality brand representation and customer service.

During our Q&A session, our panelists will share examples of how successful modern recruitment techniques leverage AI, how iQor’s team adjusts to demand changes, and how a customer-centric culture can lead to tangible improvements for retail customers.

Join us for one hour as our expert panel shares success stories from iQor’s partnership with Universal Screen Arts, Inc., to discover how retailers can implement a great customer experience year-round.

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