Strategic Partnership With iQor Drives Innovation, Quality, Efficiency, and Stronger B2B Client Relationships Through Digitally Empowered Agents


Leading Provider of Business Solutions

Services Provided

  • Account Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Voice & Non-Voice | Inbound and Outbound


Business Solutions, E-Commerce, Transportation Services


  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • United States

Why iQor? 

For more than a decade, a global provider of business solutions has trusted iQor as a strategic outsourcing partner for third-party account recovery. Through reliable performance and innovation, the partnership has continued to expand to include several other back office lines of business (LOBs). iQor provides complex revenue management services to maintain and strengthen the client’s B2B relationships with the top global enterprises they support through multimillion-dollar contracts. 

The client partnered with iQor as their sole outsourcing partner in these LOBs to collaborate on effective strategic solutions for advancing agent performance and guiding innovations that strengthen internal processes and boost efficiency. In collaboration with the client, we identify opportunities for harnessing technology to improve processes, optimize performance, and achieve favorable outcomes. Flexible work environments that support high-performing work-at-home (WAH) agents with comprehensive endpoint security ensure excellent client experiences and safeguard critical data. iQor’s intersection of human and digital innovations provides cutting-edge workforce management (WFM) and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions the client had not previously used in these operations. This partnership approach yielded quantifiable revenue increases for the client and met all key performance indicator (KPI) deliverables. 

iQor set the bar high with strategic planning and effective implementation to present innovative solutions aimed at maintaining and strengthening this business solutions provider’s key B2B enterprise client relationships. As a result of this focus on continuous optimization, the client fully entrusts iQor to manage these critical operations as an extension of their internal team.


Our client is a leading global transportation, e-commerce, and business solutions provider with a long-standing practice of keeping back office processes in-house and in the United States. iQor’s long-standing relationship with this client began with third-party revenue recovery services and has expanded over the span of more than a decade to include first-party inbound and outbound accounts receivable management and back office support. 

Though historically committed to internal, domestic operations for these lines of business, maintaining high-integrity, high-performing B2B customer relationships is the client’s highest priority. These relationships with global enterprises are complex and governed by high-value contracts requiring experienced, high-performing agents. The client’s commitment to providing efficient resolutions led them to consider offshoring these LOBs for the first time to maintain these critical business relationships while meeting their performance standards.  

When the client visited three of iQor’s customer service facilities in the Philippines, they experienced firsthand the global reach of iQor’s value-driven customer service culture, which is at the heart of the irresistible digital and human CX solutions we provide from 10 countries around the world. Heart This experience inspired the business solutions provider to further expand their partnership with iQor to include offshore revenue recovery services for the first time. 

Currently, we support this client from domestic, nearshore, and offshore locations. iQor earned the client’s recognition as a trusted BPO partner who understands their business, with dynamic and innovative capabilities to deliver the agent performance they need to sustain and build loyalty with their enterprise B2B customers while contributing to cost reduction. 

The iQorian Values of open communication, innovation, and accountability empower iQor’s alignment with the client’s goals for maintaining these relationships with efficient processes. iQor enjoys an excellent relationship with the client’s leadership team. Quarterly meetings facilitate consistent collaboration and information exchange across all aspects of the program. This collaborative approach enables us to continually meet the client’s needs as operational processes evolve across several complex back office lines of business (LOB). We work in concert with the client to quickly identify the right tools for performance optimization in support of the client’s growth and success. 

Business Opportunities 

The lines of business for this global provider of business solutions involve high-volume queues for high-priority, million-dollar B2B accounts with some of the world’s top enterprises. Keeping these valued relationships current on revenue recovery is one of the client’s key goals. The training and upskilling process for frontline agents to meet the performance and quality standards necessary to manage these accounts requires a minimum of six weeks for back office support and even longer to advance to more complex levels of account management responsibility.  

The client’s partnership with iQor provides strategic outsourcing solutions such as RPA, WFM, and offshoring to streamline training and deliver consistently high agent performance and overall CX. Since COVID, the back office workforce transitioned rapidly to 90% work at home (WAH) and 10% work in office (WIO). iQor is committed to excellent agent performance and comprehensive endpoint security that safeguards client data in this environment.  

The client had not previously outsourced or offshored these B2B revenue recovery LOBs. iQor partnered with the client to build the program and implement it expeditiously across all functions, including recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, upskilling, and workforce management. iQor collaborated with the client to build the complex program to meet the exceptionally high standards for agent performance required to keep their high-value B2B accounts current on revenue recovery. 


Strategic Outsourcing in Domestic, Nearshore, and Offshore Locations 

The first offshore launch was in the Philippines, with large teams onboarded within 45 days. iQor met the client’s need for a rapid launch through strategic planning and close collaboration between the recruiting and operations teams. The Philippines team met or exceeded the client’s KPI goals. This included surpassing the client’s aging goal for reducing the length of overdue accounts by 7%—helping their valued customers recover quickly to maintain a strong relationship with the business solutions provider. 

This initial offshore launch included complex inbound voice, outbound voice, and non-voice programs. iQor also continued to support this client through domestic teams in the U.S. and nearshored teams in Canada and Mexico with hundreds of agents across these diverse geolocations. 

Digital + Human Innovation for Outsourced and Internal Processes 

iQor invests in high-performing teams supported by comprehensive training and quality management tools with detailed audit processes. The results inspired the client to adopt these processes in their own internal operations. iQor’s customer service culture includes fun incentives at every level that motivate frontline agents to meet and exceed KPIs. Moreover, program leadership shares knowledge gained over decades-long vertical and program tenure that further supports the team. 

The client’s partnership with iQor has continued to expand, now including six LOBs for this program at scale. In collaboration with the client, iQor continues to demonstrate the capability to rapidly launch new LOBs and ramp and scale wherever needed while meeting high performance standards. This commitment to excellent employee and customer experiences is proudly reflected in iQor Philippines’ “Great Place to Work” certification

Through ongoing collaboration, iQor partners with the client to harness technology and continually identify the best tools to deliver performance optimization at scale. Driving the optimal mix between the human element and CX automation, iQor is collaborating with the client on a personalized three-phase RPA strategy to identify areas of expense and resource reduction to maximize efficiency. The client provides guidance every step of the way to identify processes that can be streamlined through automation and redeploy agents to more complex tasks, effectively capping headcount and resulting in a net positive for the client.  

  • Phase One – The RPA moved nearly a third of the average 5,000 weekly cases to billing disputes, redeploying team members to more complex tasks.  
  • Phase Two – The RPA deleted duplicate cases and disputes, redeploying team members to focus on more critical tasks requiring their expertise.  
  • Phase Three – The RPA will assign and manage cases to further maximize productivity and workflow efficiency across the entire outbound non-voice line of business.  

iQor’s proprietary interaction analytics platform, VALDI, improves the quality and volume of audits by extracting data from every customer interaction for actionable insights. iQor uses VALDI to automate responses to common customer questions, such as inquiries about the implementation of a new policy charging fees for late payments. It also provides measurable data on the impact of the automated areas on quality assurance (QA), average handling time (AHT), and other metrics important to the client. Insights gained from VALDI helped reduce AHT on the complex inbound voice line of business by 8% within the first six months of implementation.  

Another proprietary iQor tool, sQan, assists with scoring, coaching, and follow-up management. It enables multi-faceted support for agents and supervisors to boost performance and identify areas of improvement. This data-driven, personalized coaching system elevates the employee experience and results in better CX with high levels of customer satisfaction (CSAT).  

iQor uses sQan’s coaching and call monitoring to analyze top behaviors to meet client expectations. We identify where new hires need support navigating the system and follow up on resolution steps with tenured agents. iQor collaborated with the client to apply these insights to modifications that streamlined the client’s processes, elevated KPIs, and improved the employee experience. 

sQan also serves as the source of iQor’s quality reporting for the client. iQor worked closely with the client’s back office leaders to refine these reports, providing a high level of detail down to the agent level. This methodology proved so effective that the client applied these auditing methods for monitoring agent performance to their own internal processes. 


Since adding these six back office lines of business, the client has experienced significant returns. The business solutions provider values our collaborative partnership approach to managing complex LOBs with custom implementation programs tailored to their needs. iQor’s workforce and tech-enablement solutions meet the client’s goals for keeping their business relationships current on revenue recovery goals with excellent outcomes across all KPIs. 

Since the start of this long-standing partnership, the client has remained confident in our ability to develop strategic outsourcing solutions tailored to their unique business needs and to implement them quickly and effectively at scale from diverse geolocations. When considering other internal processes to outsource, iQor is their first choice. The client trusts iQor as a strategic partner they can turn to for innovation in critical areas, with plans to expand RPA and other strategic CX solutions as our relationship continues to grow. Optimize the customer experience through human-centric interaction with agents. 

Quantifiable Revenue Increases and Cost Savings
iQor’s CX innovations saved the client over $100,000 in operating costs in one year. 

Reduced Need for Staff, Reallocating Key Agents to More Complex Tasks
By phase two of a strategic three-phase RPA strategy guided by client input, we streamlined efficiency across the entire outbound line of business and freed up agents to apply their expertise to more critical tasks. 

Faster Training and Upskilling With Informed Coaching
In collaboration with the client, iQor reduced training time in one line of business by 50% with our proprietary sQan technology’s ability to identify opportunities to boost efficiency. Audit results guided the development of new training modules, increased process compliance, and resulted in improved B2B client feedback.   


Met or Exceeded KPIs Across Multiple Lines of Business

  • Consistently achieved 99% quality scores across all six lines of business in work-at-home and work-in-office settings across four countries. 
  • Reduced AHT on a complex inbound voice line of business by 8% within the first six months of implementing iQor’s proprietary interaction analytics tool, VALDI. 
  • Exceeded the client’s goal for aging by 7%, reducing the duration of overdue accounts to help them recover quickly and reinforce strong B2B relationships with their clients.

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