BPO Leadership Excellence in the Philippines

This week, we welcome Liz Cabrera to the Digitally Irresistible podcast. Liz is a human resources manager supporting close to 2,000 employees in one of iQor’s sites in the Philippines.  

Liz describes human resources as a multifaceted arena spanning hiring, employee relations, compliance, compensation and benefits, and more. As an HR professional, Liz oversees every stage of the employee life cycle to support her site’s iQorians, create career pathing opportunities, and facilitate irresistible employee experiences. To Liz, HR means more than the job description. It means investing in employees, the company’s most valuable asset. Optimize the customer experience through human-centric interaction with agents.  

On this episode, Liz shares how she found her way to HR management at iQor, what she has learned along the way, and how these valuable lessons are reflected in her day-to-day experiences. Liz’s dedication to her team in the Philippines and willingness to embrace unexpected opportunities have defined her outstanding leadership career with iQor. 

The Winding Road to Human Resources Management 

Liz’s journey to human resources management in the contact center industry has had its share of twists and turns. Before joining iQor, Liz had experience working in the banking industry in tech support. The customer interactions she managed helped lay a foundation that would inspire her interest in the BPO industry.  

Liz quickly learned the importance of active listening. The best way to provide effective resolutions is to listen to what customers are saying, communicate with empathy, and then focus on the resolution. Whether interacting with customers, peers, or leadership, the ability to support other people with authenticity has been a cornerstone of Liz’s work ethic. 

In an unexpected unfolding of events, Liz accepted a position with iQor that gave her the opportunity to become a specialist with operations. She worked hard to master the skills she needed to live up to the role, setting a standard of continuous improvement for herself that culminated in other leadership opportunities. She supported her team as a subject matter expert (SME) and gained experience as a team lead and trainer for other potential SMEs. 

When there was an opening for an HR generalist position, Liz’s leadership team encouraged her to pursue the role. Initially, she was reluctant to apply. Her leadership team’s support and confidence in her abilities inspired her to apply, resulting in her being awarded the position.  

Ever since, Liz has continued to expand her repertoire as a human resources expert, fulfilling iQor’s commitment to best-in-class employee teams who contribute to exceptional CX.

Empowering Employees to Be More With iQor

When meeting employee candidates, Liz describes life at iQor as something that makes you better. iQor invests in career pathing to guide professional development and personal growth of employees throughout their lifecycle with the company. Thanks to the critical work of HR managers like Liz, iQor is committed to providing meaningful opportunities and support that make a difference in the lives of iQorians. That’s why 83% of employees in iQor Philippines say that it is a great place to work. 

At iQor, we know that employee experiences keep the wheels of exceptional CX turning. Liz’s role gives her the opportunity to recognize the potential of our current and prospective employees to enact ways of helping people succeed. This help goes beyond career development. As an HR manager, Liz is an essential part of giving back to the community through the support she provides for iQorians. 

Liz says her role with iQor has helped her learn to interact with people more effectively and bolstered her life outside of work. Her leadership serves as an inspiration to others. In turn, Liz says she is inspired by the thousands of employees her work supports to continue making a real impact in the lives of others. Optimize the customer experience through human-centric interaction with agents. 

What Liz Does for Fun 

When Liz isn’t working, she enjoys traveling and spending time at the beach to swim or free dive.  

To learn more about Liz, visit her on LinkedIn

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