Accelerating Talent Acquisition in the Digital Frontier Through Outstanding Leadership

Welcome to a new episode of CX Labs, our installment of the Digitally Irresistible podcast that brings you the latest CX practices, industry developments, and technology insights to inspire new heights of customer service success.   

In this episode, we feature Jan Rae Aguilos, a sourcing manager for iQor Philippines. Jan shares how iQor’s streamlined recruitment approach blends intelligent automation, digital technology, and human expertise to match candidates to job positions where they can excel.  

Under Jan’s outstanding leadership, iQor’s recruitment process leverages social media channels and chatbots to provide the quick, convenient application and interview processes today’s job seekers crave. This results in empowered employees who deliver customer service with a smile and create unparalleled advantage for iQor’s clients. 

Read on for an inside glimpse into iQor’s digital recruiting assistant, Qori, and the friendly and personalized touch Jan and his team bring to the hiring journey

Irresistible Benefits and Unlimited Career Opportunities in iQor Philippines

After eight years as a marketing professional, Jan shifted his career trajectory to join iQor at our site in Iloilo City in the Philippines.  

As a sourcing manager, Jan identifies hiring needs, develops effective recruitment strategies, and implements recruitment campaigns that inform his community about iQor’s career opportunities.  

Jan explains how iQor’s professional development and career growth potential provide an irresistible incentive to build his future with iQor. His teammates also inspire him to share these benefits with others through exceptional leadership and talent acquisition strategies that appeal to top-notch candidates. 

The Fusion of Automation, Digital Technology, and Human Expertise

Jan’s talent acquisition approach utilizes both intelligent automation and human insight to reach more potential applicants and expedite the hiring process. According to Jan, convenience is critical for effective recruitment. Jan’s approach meets candidates in the digital spaces they already use daily with user-friendly social media application and interview options. 

Introducing Qori, iQor’s Digital Recruiting Assistant 

When job seekers begin the application process on their social media channel of choice, they are assisted by Qori, iQor’s digital recruiting chatbot. Qori provides applicants information about required materials and helps them know what to expect from the process. 

iQor's Facebook page shows how visitors can interact with Qori, the digital recruiting assistant.

Qori also plays a pivotal role in capturing relevant information from the candidates, effectively reducing the application time with AI capabilities tailored to the recruitment process. Once the initial interaction with Qori is complete, iQor’s friendly human recruiters step in to process the application, ensuring a swift and efficient experience for all applicants.

Powering Unparalleled Workforce Management With Symphony [AI]TM

iQor is committed to leveraging AI throughout our business operations to streamline processes for employees, clients, and job candidates alike. Our Symphony [AI] ecosystem drives continuous optimization of the entire employee lifecycle through the power of generative AI in combination with human expertise.  

Qori is the first touchpoint for prospective employees in a holistic AI ecosystem that supports the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment through training and nesting to the production floor. Our unique combination of cutting-edge CX technology and skilled teams powers our industry-leading workforce management solutions, enabling us to provide the best people and processes to achieve our clients’ CX goals. 

Jan says that applicant feedback about Qori has been overwhelmingly positive, with the swiftness of the process being a standout feature. While many job seekers wait weeks or longer to receive updates about their application status, Qori notifies applicants within hours. 

Recruiters have also expressed their satisfaction with the assistance Qori provides, as it amplifies their abilities and enables them to process candidates more efficiently. This harmonious blend of digital augmentation and human talent creates an environment that benefits prospective job candidates, recruiters, and the businesses iQor supports with our BPO solutions.

Face-to-Face Interactions With Video Interviews

Video interviews held over Zoom are another part of iQor’s multichannel talent acquisition strategy. Jan explains that prospective candidates can expect a modern and easily accessible hiring process when using our Zoom recruiting channel to participate in virtual hiring sessions. iQor’s interviewers are on standby to provide immediate feedback through on-camera conversations with applicants. 

A recruiter smiles and chats with a candidate via a Zoom call on her computer.

iQor values a warm and friendly welcome between current and prospective team members, highlighting the importance of the human touch as a leading priority from the first interview and throughout all customer communication. Jan’s top suggestion for applicants preparing to interview with iQor? A smile that places warmth and openness at the heart of every interaction. Optimize the customer experience through human-centric interaction with agents. 

Building Expert Teams With Tech Excellence

The integration of digital technology and expert human teams facilitates a personable application and interview process for prospective iQorians. As iQor continues to set new benchmarks in tech-powered hiring practices, we ensure that the driving force behind our business operations is people whose unique expertise is strengthened by digital recruiting solutions like Qori.  

Jan’s leadership is a vital part of iQor’s commitment to providing a forward-thinking and supportive environment that prioritizes both digital innovation and genuine human interaction. 

To learn more about Jan, visit him on LinkedIn

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