iQor’s Active Learning Approach in Business Process Outsourcing Creates Irresistible Employee and Customer Experiences

On this episode of iQor’s CX Labs Digitally Irresistible podcast, iQor Senior Manager of the Active Learning Classroom Tarisse Grant-Shelton explores the evolution of training and development at iQor, a business process outsourcing (BPO) company with more than 25 years of experience in customer service. She delves into training best practices that impact the onboarding of frontline employees and the positive results clients enjoy with active learning. Get ready to discover firsthand how iQor is revolutionizing training practices to deliver top-notch customer experiences.

iQor’s active learning approach engages employees in the learning process through experiential and differentiated learning methodologies, instilling confidence and competence for performance excellence. 

Read on to learn more about how iQor elevates employee training through active learning that improves performance and customer satisfaction in a CX landscape that creates smiles.

The Evolution of Training at iQor

iQor has redefined its training processes in business process outsourcing CX from traditional, passive learning to active learning that enables trainers to adopt a facilitative role and empower frontline employees with a structured approach to practice their new skills in a safe learning environment. Active learning research shows that individuals who take charge of their learning tend to understand and retain knowledge better, demonstrating higher proficiency when transitioning to service delivery roles. 

For the past two decades, Tarisse has played an integral role in this evolution, working in every facet of training at iQor. This experience has prepared her for her current role helping trainers become the best versions of themselves. 

She supports trainers with the knowledge they need to succeed in active learning classroom environments, blending experiential and differentiated learning to prepare agents with the confidence and skills they need to provide exceptional customer service. She also helps trainers develop surveys, boost Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and master coaching and development techniques.

The 3-Part Active Learning Workshop for Trainers

iQor’s active learning workshop plays a pivotal role in transforming the training experience for frontline employees by equipping trainers with the skills they need to excel as facilitators. The workshop consists of a primer, three-day workshop, and practicum.

Part 1: The Primer

The primer allows trainers to work offline to grasp active learning concepts and foundational knowledge before the workshop begins, optimizing their time in the classroom for interactive discussions and activities. 

Part 2: The 3-Day Workshop

During the three-day workshop, facilitators create a dynamic environment where the trainers learn from each other and engage in practical scenarios. Trainees receive ongoing coaching (from facilitators and their peers) personalized to their needs throughout each experience to further their development. The scenarios are recorded so trainees can view themselves on camera to self-identify areas for improvement as well. The workshop is a safe place for trainees to test their newly acquired skills and learn from their mistakes.

Part 3: The Practicum

The practicum phase is a practical application of the learned skills, ensuring that the knowledge gained is promptly applied in real-world scenarios, thus preventing the information from going into “cold storage.” The practicum lasts about 6-12 weeks, enabling trainees to practice their knowledge in the field and build an extensive portfolio and an in-depth understanding of best practices, ultimately leading to their certification as active learning trainers.

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Positive Results for Positive Experiences

One of the key metrics used to measure the success of active learning training at iQor is the Net Promoter Score. NPS helps gauge employee satisfaction levels with their trainer facilitators and the impact of the training programs on their performance. NPS scores have shown significant progress, reflecting the positive impact of active learning on frontline employees and how prepared and supported they feel before entering the production floor. Trainers and learners have expressed their appreciation for the hands-on approach and the preparedness it instills, leading to enhanced confidence and readiness for nesting and service delivery.

Frontline employees that have experienced our active learning classrooms share resoundingly positive feedback. 

“I love that we get to do things that are hands on.” 

“I love that we’re able to apply what we’re learning.” 

“I feel more prepared for nesting than with a more passive learning approach.” 

A Game-Changer for CX Success

Active learning training environments offer numerous benefits that elevate the employee and customer experience. By involving employees in the learning process, these training methodologies ensure employees are well-prepared to handle real-world challenges upon transitioning to the production floor. 

The emphasis on experiential learning facilitated by skilled trainers cultivates a workforce that is well-versed in their knowledge and adept at applying their skills. These positive outcomes are reflected in high levels of employee engagement and improved NPS scores. Embracing this approach contributes to an empowered and confident workforce within a culture of continuous learning, ultimately driving irresistible customer experiences that create smiles.

iQor’s Symphony [AI]TM ecosystem further drives these experiences by redefining the employee lifecycle, seamlessly blending automation and human capabilities. This innovative approach—spanning talent acquisition, training and development, and performance excellence—underscores iQor’s commitment to nurturing a highly efficient, compliant, and satisfied workforce. Active learning is one piece of the puzzle to optimize the employee experience and achieve consistently exceptional CX. 

To chat with Tarisse about iQor’s active learning approach, connect with her on LinkedIn

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