Creating Onboarding Experiences That Empower New Hires

In this episode of iQor’s CX Labs Digitally Irresistible podcast, John Mercer, director of continuous improvement at iQor, delves into iQor’s Qoncierge program, which is dedicated to welcoming newly hired frontline employees. In this role, he supports the Qoncierge team to make sure they have the training and tools to guide new employees so they are prepared to deliver consistently remarkable CX for our clients’ customers. 

Since his arrival at iQor in 2014 as an operations director in the telecommunications space, John has gained extensive experience that has equipped him with a deep understanding of operational efficiency and employee experiences, both of which help to establish a culture driven to facilitate irresistible CX. 

Read on to discover how iQor’s Qoncierge program champions engagement and training for new frontline employees from the outset, building a confident and prepared workforce ready to create excellent customer experiences.

The Role of iQor’s Qoncierge Program

The Qoncierge program is designed to offer a seamless and supportive experience for new frontline hires from their first day at iQor until their graduation from training. A Qoncierge serves as an employee’s initial contact, providing a welcoming introduction to iQor’s company culture and expectations. This role assists in establishing strong employer-employee relationships early on, which are vital for long-term employee retention and satisfaction. 

The Qoncierge’s role is critical—each one provides a white-glove experience that extends throughout onboarding and training for the employee’s first 90 days. From the initial welcome and site tour to icebreaker games and weekly meetings, the Qoncierge’s tailored support helps to alleviate the common anxieties associated with starting a new job, allowing new employees to focus on their growth and learning with confidence.

Bridging Connections for Consistent Frontline Employee Support

Onboarding is the fundamental first step in an employee’s journey and sets the tone for their career path and potential success. A vital component of effective onboarding and training programs is the continuity of support. John sheds light on the Qoncierge’s role beyond welcoming new employees—it’s about being a steadfast presence throughout the initial training phases.  

As a representative of the organization’s commitment to its employees, the Qoncierge navigates new hires through company procedures, addresses their concerns, and integrates them into their roles efficiently. By connecting new employees and various operational departments, the Qoncierge is instrumental in helping new hires overcome potential obstacles, thereby enabling a seamless transition from trainee to full-fledged iQorian.   

Acting as a liaison, the Qoncierge ensures that frontline employees understand their role within iQor and have a clear roadmap for the expectations set forth, along with the resources available to support their development in the organization. This meticulous attention to detail fosters an inclusive and attentive atmosphere from Day One. 

The Qoncierge Program’s Impact on Employee Retention and Satisfaction

One of the standout aspects of the Qoncierge program is its proven effect on improving employee retention rates and overall satisfaction. The program helps new hires integrate smoothly into iQor and fosters a sense of belonging and commitment. Both continuously touching base and engaging new employees drive employee satisfaction and longevity with iQor.

Creating Brand Ambassadors for Client Success From Day One

A positive initial impression of a new workplace can significantly influence an employee’s enthusiasm and commitment to their role, which, in turn, affects how they interact with customers. The Qoncierge team helps facilitate new employees’ early impressions, setting the stage for developing a workforce that is both skilled and motivated to deliver excellent CX. 

John explains that when employees are well trained, engaged, and satisfied, they become brand ambassadors who champion excellent customer service, further solidifying the Qoncierge’s positive influence on new employees. Committed and well-supported employees become the voice of the products and services they represent, which is the ultimate goal for clients who entrust their operations to iQor.   

Our clients expect that the employees we hire will represent their products and services at the highest standard of service delivery when engaging with customers. The Qoncierge program fulfills this expectation by ensuring that every new hire receives a comprehensive and enriching training experience. This program is a cornerstone of iQor’s organizational development strategy to provide exceptional CX by ensuring that our employees are well prepared and well supported.  

Through this program, we ensure that our new hires transition smoothly into competent professionals who elevate our clients’ brands and contribute positively to their reputation. This alignment of employee training and excellence in service delivery stems from our commitment to partnering with each client to meet and exceed their CX objectives.

iQor’s Symphony [AI]TM ecosystem further drives these experiences by redefining the employee lifecycle, seamlessly blending automation and human capabilities. This innovative approach—spanning talent acquisition, training and development, and performance excellence—underscores iQor’s commitment to nurturing a highly efficient, compliant, and satisfied workforce. Our decades of accumulated process knowledge inform our best practices and methodologies, enabling us to optimize every employee’s capabilities from their first day with iQor.

Communication and Feedback Drive Employee Growth and CX Success

John’s approach to guiding the Qoncierge program involves frequent training sessions for the Qoncierge  team, along with quarterly town halls to share best practices and unify the teams across all sites and lines of business. These meetings are vital for building trust and strengthening culture and morale. They serve as a forum for Qoncierges to voice their challenges, share successes, and collectively brainstorm ways to continually have a positive impact on new employees. This collaborative approach ensures that the entire team stays aligned and motivated, driving continuous improvement in how we onboard and train our frontline workforce.   

John also utilizes weekly satisfaction surveys and has recently introduced an employee lifecycle survey. The weekly surveys aim to capture satisfaction scores at the program level, contributing to a continuous feedback loop that identifies strengths and areas of improvement. Furthermore, a comprehensive employee lifecycle survey marks satisfaction milestones from recruitment to 60 days into production, providing actionable data to refine the onboarding process. 

This feedback is invaluable for the Qoncierge team because it addresses specific areas for growth and develops strategies to further optimize the effectiveness of the program, which establishes the foundation of smile-worthy CX. This scheduled communication ensures that iQor remains responsive to the needs and expectations of its employees, leading to a dedicated and motivated workforce

John’s insights underscore the critical role of programs like the Qoncierge in building a supportive and engaging work environment. These initiatives are about more than making a good first impression for new hires—they are about laying the foundation for sustained employee involvement and satisfaction that benefits the employees and our clients. Our ongoing commitment to the Qoncierge program empowers us to develop a more productive workplace that is also enjoyable for our frontline workforce.   

The measure of the Qoncierge program’s success is clear through industry-leading retention rates and heightened employee satisfaction, which make iQor a Great Place to Work®. By investing in the nurturing and development of our employees from the outset, we’re cultivating a community of engaged advocates who are ready to provide best-in-class customer experiences. 

To talk with John about iQor’s Qoncierge program, connect with him on LinkedIn. To learn more about iQor’s amazing culture, visit

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