iQor celebrates Black History Month this February by honoring the extraordinary contributions and achievements of Black Americans. We recognize these accomplishments while reflecting on a history of struggle and hope. At iQor, we create opportunities and are accountable to each other for the betterment of all. We are inspired by the determination of individuals throughout the Black community who encourage us to listen and learn.

“We reflect on the contributions of Black American leaders throughout history as well as the ongoing work to advance racial justice and equity. We promote ongoing conversation and healthy dialogue for solutions to address injustices that are a reality for the black community. We work together to pave the way to a more equitable future where opportunity is not for a select few but for us all. iQor is committed to fostering rewarding experiences in an inclusive environment founded in respect and opportunity,” said president and CEO of iQor, Gary Praznik.

As we strive for a more equitable and just society, iQor works hard to create a workplace that reflects the global diversity of our communities. iQor empowers employees to define their own path to success. We harness digital technology to identify coaching needs and personalize employee development to provide opportunities for growth. Our award-winning training platforms make education and development accessible to all employees, empowering them to Be More with iQor.

“iQor’s DEI Committee works to increase our cultural competency, advance open dialogue, and provide tools to build an inclusive culture where everyone is valued and celebrated for their unique contributions. We believe that we are greater as we elevate the collective experiences and appreciate the varied talents expressed through our differences,” said Daynette Blackwell, chair of the DEI Committee and iQor vice president of finance, retail and residential.

Across social media channels this month we feature iQorians sharing what Black History Month means to them. We celebrate contributions of the past as part of our culture of respect, support, and opportunity. Throughout our workplace and our communities across the globe, we create meaningful relationships with empathy that result in excellent experiences for employees, customers, and clients.