iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, is harnessing the power of the NICE CXone cloud-based platform to augment human service delivery through transformative CX solutions customized for leading retail, eTail, and e-commerce brands.   

In tandem with iQor’s Symphony [AI]TM generative AI ecosystem that is redefining the employee lifecycle through excellence in recruiting, development, and training, CXone has enabled iQor to leverage data and digital capabilities to deliver unparalleled customer and employee experiences for clients in the retail industry.  

The integration of CXone’s highly customizable, metrics-based routing directs incoming voice and digital customer interactions to the most suitable contact center agent. This optimizes performance for retail brands experiencing seasonal fluctuations in volume to consistently deliver exceptional CX. CXone’s customized cloud-based routing enables iQor to offer a larger selection of available customer service agents who are cross-trained to provide maximum flexibility and handle multiple channels. CXone’s capabilities also allow iQor’s engineers to develop new functionalities tailored to retailers’ specific needs and rapidly adapt to changing customer and market demands. 

Additionally, metrics-based routing can generate cost savings by improving efficiency and reducing the number of repeat calls, contributing to a positive customer experience and a diminished risk of churn and retention costs. 

“Our partnership with NICE has enhanced our CX capabilities and agility to deliver unmatched customer experiences in the retail sector, leading to a harmonious interplay between the human element and technology. This ease of doing business reaffirms our commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service,” said iQor Chief Digital Officer Prabhjot Singh. 

Episode 85 of iQor’s Digitally Irresistible podcast features Singh and Andy Traba, Vice President of Product Marketing at NICE. They discuss how iQor leverages NICE CXone to augment human and operational excellence and deliver irresistible CX that makes customers smile. 

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