iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, is excited to announce the launch of their new podcast, Digitally Irresistible.

The podcast will cover the optimization of digital technologies and irresistible people that influence both employee and customer experiences. Each guest will provide a unique perspective on a relevant topic that has a measurable impact on a business. 

The “irresistible” in the name of the podcast addresses the role of irresistible culture and people embracing their brand ambassador roles when providing support to customers.

“We’re excited to launch the Digitally Irresistible podcast with the goal of it being a leading communication channel of irresistible customer experience insights,” said President and CEO of iQor, Gary Praznik. “We look forward to connecting with our iQor community and industry experts to provide meaningful discussions around the present and future of digital technologies and customer experience.”

The Digitally Irresistible podcast will be hosted by iQor’s Vice President of Global Content Marketing, Bernie Borges, who has hosted more than 300 podcast episodes and is a frequent speaker on content marketing best practices.

“We love connecting with professionals who care greatly about delivering exceptional customer experiences,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Robert Constantine. “Bernie is an amazing talent, and we are lucky to have him as our host and lead our content marketing strategy into the future.”

Digitally Irresistible’s first episode is scheduled to publish July 14th and will be available in video format as well as traditional audio podcast format. Each episode will be accompanied by a blog post on iQor’s website, and will be made available on iQor’s YouTube channel and popular podcast players such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, among others.