As a leader in digital business process outsourcing (BPO) capabilities, iQor has partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to drive efficiency by consolidating data into a single secure environment in the Snowflake Data Cloud. With Snowflake, iQor will expand access to customer insights and elevate the customer experience (CX).

“Snowflake’s Data Cloud will provide iQor with a consolidated view of our data for enhanced data analytics as part of our already robust digital processes. By harnessing tools that complement our comprehensive digital strategy, we will generate greater efficiencies that support exceptional customer and client experiences,” said iQor President and CEO Gary Praznik.

As part of a unified secure data lake strategy, all data is indexed and accessible through business intelligence tools to provide insights and analyses from a reliable single site to share within the organization and with clients. This empowers iQor’s data analysts to streamline processes and access information faster to produce meaningful business insights and support client needs. Further, it offers virtually unlimited and immediate cloud-based scalability without the need for additional hardware or data centers.

“Incorporating Snowflake into iQor’s digital ecosystem supports enhanced data management, security, governance, high availability, and resiliency to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency,” said Tarn Shant, senior vice president of Transformation and Governance at iQor.

Snowflake further provides iQor with a secure collaboration hub and an elastic engine to power many workloads, free from concurrency issues, to enhance access to data and analysis for business value.