Tech-enabled BPO extends business flexibility, moves thousands of agents to work-at-home to best protect its employees and safely serve its clients

iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, announced today that it has successfully scaled its work-at-home solution with over 15,000 of its customer experience workforce transitioned to work remotely.

The transition protects employees while they provide world-class customer service to support consumers’ most pressing needs during the current coronavirus pandemic.

“Over the several weeks we have transitioned thousands of employees around the globe to work at home and that number continues to grow rapidly,” said Gary Praznik, President and CEO of iQor. “This is due in part to the flexibility of our global network and highly virtualized infrastructure, which allows us to launch agents quickly with minimal disruption to our clients’ so they may continue to meet the needs of their customers through this unprecedented and uncertain time.”

iQor’s virtualized environment allows the company to rapidly deploy its global workforce within the agent’s home and mirror the same experience provided onsite. Agents at home simply log into their company-provided virtual desktops, known as thin clients, to access their software and start taking calls. Data is safeguarded via remote datacenters. For quality monitoring, iQor’s supervisors have access to multiple remote management, productivity, and interaction analytics applications, which help deliver the same results achieved at a contact center.

“No matter if onsite or at an agent’s home, the customer experience remains the same,” said Praznik. “Thin clients simply connect to our secure datacenters to provide everything an agent needs while our proprietary speech analytics platform continues to detect signals from agents and customers to point out quality concerns-customer sentiment, productivity, audio quality-so we can solve issues quickly.”

“We are extremely proud to have remained nimble and fast-acting in responding to our clients’ needs, which wouldn’t be possible without our massive support system that spans across our operational leaders, IT teams, executive leadership, HR departments, and many, many frontline managers,” said Praznik. “We’re in deep gratitude to all our employees and their dedication to serving our clients during this challenging time.”