How did you get started at iQor?

“I started as an agent in 2014. After a few months, I was promoted as an apprentice for a quality analyst. In January 2015, I was promoted to a fulltime quality analyst, then in September of the same year I was promoted as a supervisor. In 2017, I was selected to help lead a new program for a major telecommunications provider. After four years, I was promoted to operations manager.”

iQor focuses on helping employees and their communities

What do you believe sets us apart?

“The first is location. It is very practical to work at iQor. The second is the culture. We never miss a chance to give back to the community or help at-risk children. From our customer care experts to our senior managers and directors, it’s all about giving back. iQor is also about helping their own employees. When the pandemic hit, we were provided shuttles when public transportation shutdown and quickly make it possible for us to continue earning from home. Even more, the leadership team was always invested in our wellbeing. Directors and operations managers continuously contacted employees individually to see how they were doing. And that’s what really matters.”

“Everyone is willing to help each other and improve our teams and performance.”

-Michael Baronda

What do you love most about working at iQor?

“Open communication. We can easily approach our operations managers, senior directors and even our program directors and ask for help or insight. They don’t even have to be on our same program or team. Everyone is willing to help each other and improve our teams and performance. Another is respect. No matter your position title from leadership to building maintenance, everyone is equal and is treated like a peer.”

How do we make our clients’ customer experiences so successful?

“It’s that we live in our open communications value. Our operations leadership and frontline experts collaborate often on their insights and personal experiences. We use this information to improve our service, performance and capabilities. Without this type of communication, our programs would not be as successful as they are now.”

Bonus fun fact

“I’m a big collector and lover of anime! I am also a part of the Knights of Columbus at my local church –during the pandemic we gave out free face shields and personal protection devices to local hospital workers.”