Symphony [AI]<sup>™</sup> Powers Our Team's Performance Excellence

We’re revolutionizing the employee lifecycle through generative AI. Symphony [AI] is iQor's generative AI ecosystem designed to transform and equip employees to deliver optimized CX. This next-generation solution utilizes proprietary large language models (LLMs) to tap into iQor's accumulated process knowledge, accessing decades of industry expertise and unique organizational insights to maximize employee performance capabilities.


Discover the Advantage of iQor’s Accumulated Process Knowledge

iQor’s accumulated process knowledge is an aggregation of our collective insights, methodologies, and best practices honed over decades of experience with real-world BPO operational excellence across industries. This knowledge is derived directly from our own experiences, evolving and refining with every opportunity we meet and every solution we implement. Whether tacit knowledge held by our expert team or detailed insights documented for precision, it’s this deep understanding coupled with our value-driven culture that empowers us to adapt and deliver superior workflows and unparalleled advantage to our client partners.

Harmonizing Generative AI With an Irresistible Human Experience

Symphony [AI] unifies iQor’s commitment to innovation, flexibility, and excellence by integrating advanced digital CX with irresistible human experiences. By optimizing talent acquisition, development, and retention we elevate organizational efficiency and enrich our value-driven customer service culture.


Elevated CX Powered by Our Generative AI Ecosystem

Symphony [AI] focuses on three key areas of the employee lifecycle to cultivate empowered employees who deliver a more streamlined customer experience and contribute to your competitiveness in the marketplace.

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Optimized Talent Acquisition for Client Success

With iQor's Symphony [AI], we optimize the talent acquisition process, ensuring our client partners benefit from expertly matched frontline employees tailored to meet the needs of your CX programs. The synergy of advanced technology and automation with our recruitment mastery elevates your program outcomes at scale.

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Empowered Agents Ready From Day One

Harnessing Symphony [AI], our training, nesting, and development ensures the agents serving your customers are well-prepared and knowledgeable from the outset. Our commitment to employee development and excellence results in a consistent, high-quality service experience for your customers.

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Excellence in Service and Compliance

Trust in a future-ready BPO partner. With Symphony [AI], we enhance employee performance and compliance while prioritizing well-being. The result is a highly motivated, compliant, and efficient team committed to delivering irresistible service to your customers.


Hiring That Elevates Customer Experience

Conversational AI

Utilizing advanced AI-driven communication modules, Symphony [AI] ensures prospective candidates experience dynamic, responsive, and informative interactions from first contact.

Candidate Selection

Drawing from iQor's accumulated process knowledge, Symphony [AI] provides automated shortlisting, ensuring the most suitable candidates move forward in a seamless recruitment journey.

Hiring Workflow

Through AI-driven insights and processes, Symphony [AI] optimizes a streamlined, efficient, and effective hiring process from start to finish, with every decision backed by data for the best fit.


Agent Training to Serve Customers Best

Training Techniques

Drawing from methodologies that accelerate learning, Symphony [AI] helps us ensure employees grasp concepts faster and retain knowledge longer to create smiles from the start.

Active Learning

Through dynamic learning modules and iQor’s active learning expertise, Symphony [AI] helps make training more interactive and engaging, promoting active participation and holistic development.

Development Paths

Based on iQor's accumulated process knowledge, Symphony [AI] facilitates personalized training experiences that address individual strengths and areas of growth while cultivating our irresistible work culture.


Service Ensuring Your Customers' Trust

Performance Optimization

Symphony [AI] complements iQor’s coaching methods by pinpointing performance opportunities and developing customized guidance. This empowers team members through timely assistance that expands their capability toolkit and elevates productivity—laying the groundwork for growth and longevity.

Compliance Monitoring

Leveraging iQor’s rich data reservoirs, Symphony [AI] strengthens existing compliance mechanisms by proactively overseeing adherence to company and industry norms and regulations. It streamlines compliance and provides an added layer of protection for clients, customers, and the iQor team.

Employee Well-Being

Building on iQor’s long-standing commitment to employee well-being, Symphony [AI] brings advanced insights to spot signs of undue stress or potential burnout. It enhances wellness initiatives by providing tailored resources, individualized wellness plans, and data-driven workforce management to ensure a balanced distribution of work.


From Concept to Impact, Explore iQor’s AI Ecosystem for Excellence in Employee Performance and CX


Experience the future of customer service with our automation expertise. We deploy customized solutions where it matters most, from RPA to chatbots, boosting customer satisfaction and driving performance.

Computer Vision

We apply machine learning models to power AI system computer vision to interpret, analyze, and classify visual representations while maintaining compliance. Work-at-home monitoring helps us achieve 99% quality scores.

NLP and ML

We harness natural language processing and machine learning through customizable analytics, gaining insight into CX trends and performance. This enables real-time interventions that boost CSAT, saving an average of 1,000 customers weekly.

Semi-Supervised Learning

We deploy AI system semi-supervised learning techniques to facilitate sentiment scoring and generate predictive NPS for learning at scale, minimizing the data required to elevate performance and satisfaction, shaping the future of customer service excellence.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning solutions facilitate meaningful employee and customer experiences. Through attrition prediction, we have increased retention by nearly 3x, resulting in happy and experienced team members committed to delivering the best CX.

Conversational AI

We deploy conversational AI in the recruiting process to engage, assess, and hire faster—achieving high-volume recruiting success at scale. By placing employees in programs that best match their skills, we boost longevity, deepen program knowledge, and delight your customers.

AI Workflow

We integrate AI-powered performance enablement technology into our coaching processes to inform personalized actions with data-driven insights. This powers better coaching and elevates frontline employee performance, increasing net promoter scores by up to 13%.

Generative AI

Our collaborative approach to AI leverages transformational generative AI capabilities to unlock a new era in customer service. By integrating generative AI in ways that improve the employee lifecycle, we create a holistic employee experience for irresistible CX.

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iQor’s Symphony [AI] ecosystem optimizes the employee experience to deliver harmonious CX. We help businesses navigate evolving customer needs with flexibility and scalability. We’d love to help you transform your CX operation through the streamlined capabilities of our team’s AI-powered performance excellence.

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