Unveiling iQor India’s Strategic Leadership in CX Innovation

In this episode of the Digitally Irresistible podcast, we are joined by Maneet Sehgal and Manish Parikh, leaders at iQor India who bring a wealth of expertise in operations and financial services. 

With over two decades of experience, including 15 years at iQor, Maneet has overseen significant advancements in iQor’s business process outsourcing (BPO) operations and possesses a strong background in technology. Manish’s robust background in financial services spans 16 years at iQor, and he has played an essential role in implementing commercial strategies across global markets for iQor’s clients. 

Maneet’s journey from the technology sector to becoming the senior director and country lead for iQor India reflects her deep-rooted commitment to innovation and strategic leadership. Similarly, Manish’s extensive experience in financial services helps contribute to iQor’s diverse service offerings and global client engagements. Together, they offer profound insights into iQor India’s strategic initiatives, its pivotal role in the BPO industry, and its commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experience (CX) solutions worldwide.  

Join us as we explore their accomplishments and their vision for iQor India’s future growth as well as its impact on the evolving landscape of CX.

A Pillar in the BPO Industry

As a pioneer in the BPO industry, India has set the stage for global outsourcing, with iQor standing at the forefront and developing partnerships with an impressive client roster for various industries. Established in Noida, iQor India’s journey spans 20 years of continuous evolution and growth, marked by iQor’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and operational excellence.  

iQor India’s service portfolio is expansive and diverse, catering to a wide array of clients across industries, including retail, travel and hospitality, and technology, among others. Our services range from traditional customer care and onboarding to advanced back office functions like revenue management and dispute resolution. From foundational customer care solutions to cutting-edge digital offerings such as chat services, iQor India’s tenured staff exemplifies versatility and innovation in meeting modern business challenges.  

Moreover, the implementation of specialized back office support services like cash management, application chargebacks, and a range of other finance and accounting processes underscores iQor’s strategic commitment to improving efficiency and optimizing client operations. This comprehensive suite of services positions iQor India as a strategic partner for global enterprises seeking to streamline operations and elevate customer experience standards.

iQor’s cash application specialists identified areas of improvement for a telecom client, including streamlining time-consuming tasks and centralizing operations, resulting in the elimination of $30 million lockbox unallocated payments, a 99.9% reduction.

Growing to Meet Increasing Demand for CX Excellence

With over two decades of performance-driven managed services in Noida, iQor India has established itself as a cornerstone of the company’s global operations. Less than three hours away from India’s capital of New Delhi, Noida is a convenient and bustling hub of talent and technology. The strategic placement of iQor India in Noida within the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) benefits from the government’s ongoing infrastructure growth and ensures seamless collaboration with our other locations. This synergy allows us to offer a wide range of services, including non-voice and back office solutions, and provide our clients with unmatched customer experiences.  

After achieving notable success in serving clients worldwide, iQor India is focused on expanding its operations ambitiously and continuously driving delightful customer experiences. Currently, iQor is making significant investments in its Noida location to strengthen its operational capabilities. By Q3 2024, iQor India will double its office space, reflecting its commitment to accommodating growing client demands and expanding its service offerings. 

Maneet shares exciting plans for the facility, highlighting its campus-style design and corporate office environment. Situated amidst modern amenities such as food courts and gymnasiums, the new office promises to foster a vibrant and productive workplace for employees while boosting operational efficiency to better serve our global clientele across multiple industries. 

iQor India collaborates closely with other iQor locations worldwide, ensuring seamless integration and augmented service capabilities globally. iQor India services some of iQor’s key clients across global facilities — such as Trinidad, Colombia, the Philippines, and the U.S. — and plays a critical role in the delivery of iQor’s shared services. iQor India hosts one of the largest teams handling iQor’s global finance operations and is a significant hub for technology services. In a material way, iQor India serves iQor as “its own customer” internally. 

“At iQor India, we have a talent pool of close to 1,500 brilliant iQorians. One of the key factors that has contributed to India’s success is the availability of a large pool of highly educated and technically skilled workers.” – Maneet Sehgal

iQor India’s Strategic Advantages and Future Outlook in the Global BPO Landscape

iQor India’s success story is underpinned by several critical factors that have contributed to its prominence in the global BPO landscape. A highly skilled and educated workforce has been instrumental, leveraging India’s robust education system to provide specialized services across various domains. The country’s competitive labor costs further strengthen its attractiveness as a strategic outsourcing destination, offering significant cost advantages to clients worldwide. 

Moreover, iQor India benefits from supportive governmental policies and a stable political environment, fostering a conducive business climate. Tax incentives and infrastructure developments have further bolstered its operational efficiency and scalability, enabling iQor India to consistently meet and exceed client expectations. Operations in iQor India enjoy maximum uptime, ensuring consistent service delivery and operational stability. As the world becomes more connected, the demand for world-class CX services is expected to increase. India is well positioned to meet this demand with its skilled workforce, cost competitiveness, and English language proficiency. 

Looking ahead, iQor India is poised for continued growth and innovation in the global CX arena. As businesses increasingly prioritize seamless customer interactions and personalized services, iQor India stands at the forefront, leveraging its longstanding expertise to deliver exceptional CX solutions. iQor’s commitment to expanding its service offerings and increasing operational capabilities reflects its proactive approach to meeting evolving market demands. 

Stay tuned as we continue to report on iQor India’s ongoing evolution and its pivotal role in shaping the future of CX solutions globally! 

To learn more about Maneet and Manish, connect with them on LinkedIn.

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