Global CX Experts Share Strategies for Delivering Memorable CX With a Smile 

iQor’s Digitally Irresistible podcast offers customer experience professionals content that informs, educates, and inspires the ongoing practice of delivering a consistently great customer experience in any industry. 

As host of the podcast, I look back on the first full calendar year of the podcast with gratitude to each CX expert I had the privilege of showcasing. From Episode 1 in July 2021 to Episode 64 published on December 8, 2022, the common thread is a passionate commitment to delivering great customer experiences.  

The topics covered in the first 64 episodes run the gamut from digital technology to employee wellness to the role of marketing in the customer experience. Each guest featured on the podcast brings their unique experience and expertise to every conversation. They span the globe and share their perspectives on strategies to create smiles throughout the customer journey. Heart They share their personal journeys, lessons learned, advice, and a little about themselves and what they do for fun. 

In this post, we celebrate each guest as a special thank you for sharing their expertise.  

Every episode is published in three formats: audio, video, and a blog post. The audio is available on all the popular podcast listening platforms, e.g., Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, Amazon, and many others. The video is embedded in each blog post and is also available on iQor’s YouTube channel.  

A Look Behind the Scenes 

Ever wonder what goes into producing a podcast? Before each episode is recorded, the guest and I meet to discuss and finalize the CX topic we will feature on their episode, based on their expertise and the key points we plan to cover on their episode.  

I then outline talking points that we’ve mutually agreed to cover pertaining to their topic. These talking points guide the flow of the conversation during the recording. Additionally, I script an introduction that highlights the guest’s credentials.  

On the day of the recording, we begin a conversation about the topic guided by our agreed-upon talking points. The only scripted part of the podcast episode is my introduction to each guest.  

I end every episode asking each guest what they do for fun when they’re not working. This is my favorite question because we gain a little insight into each guest’s interests outside of their work. I never know in advance how the guest plans to answer this question, so it’s always a fun experience for me to hear their answer for the first time.  

Our graphic design team takes great pride in the video production that follows each recording, going to great lengths to create an engaging experience for the audience and present the story with visually compelling elements such as video clips supplied by the guest. 

With more than 60 episodes of the Digitally Irresistible podcast, we often hear that this body of content is like a masterclass in CX best practices. We are committed to continuing to publish content through the podcast that informs, educates, and inspires CX professionals to deliver digitally irresistible customer experiences. 

A Masterclass in 64 Episodes 

Below is the list of each guest featured from July 2021 through December 2022. I invite you to join in on the masterclass content. It will make you smile! 

Episode 1: PJ Singh: The Role of Digital Technology in the Modern Customer Experience  

Episode 2: Tarisse Grant-Shelton, M.Ed.: Train the Trainer Certification That Creates Irresistible People 

Episode 3: Annette Timmins: A 25-Year Journey in the BPO Industry Motivated by Helping People 

Episode 4: Ada Smith: How Robotic Process Automation Reduces Call Handle Time 

Episode 5: Maria Castro: The Journey From Call Center Agent to Training Manager 

Episode 6: Chris Holt: Leadership Development Through Training and Mentors 

Episode 7: Gail McLaughlin Toti: How Visionary Selling in the BPO Industry Wins  

Episode 8: Gladys Rodinas: How This Call Center Agent Advanced Her Career Through the sQholar Program 

Episode 9: Troy Sanders: The Trust Building Imperative in BPO Industry Sales Success 

Episode 10: Gary Praznik: The Power of Listening in Your Career 

Episode 11: Flo Navarro: Non-Stop Recruiting of Irresistible Contact Center Agents 

Episode 12: David Rickard: Top Trends in the Customer Experience Management Industry 

Episode 13: William Adams: Why the Net Happiness Score Is Simple and It Works 

Episode 14: Andrew Riley: How Attrition Risk Modeling Enables Employee Happiness 

Episode 15: Sekou Alleyne: Three Reasons for iQor’s Nearshore BPO Expansion in Trinidad and Tobago 

Episode 16: Dan Gingiss: How to Create Remarkable Experiences Customers Want to Share 

Episode 17: Tone Holmen: The Impact of Omnichannel Support on Contact Center Agents 

Episode 18: Shep Hyken: How to Get Customers to Come Back Again and Again 

Episode 19: Andrew McNeile: How ThinScale Technology Transforms the Work-at-Home Experience for Call Center Agents 

Episode 20: April Segovia: Rapid BPO Career Success by Embracing iQorian Values 

Episode 21: Stephon Griffin: Becoming a Top Certified Trainer Against All Odds 

Episode 22: David Wasserman: Three Reasons NICE Powers iQor Global Workforce Management Solutions 

Episode 23: Charlene Li: Three Strategies for Creating Stronger Employee Relationships 

Episode 24: Rohan Kulkarni: Patient Engagement Can Create Customer Experience in Healthcare 

Episode 25: Chris West: How Strong Language Can Be Use to Deliver Great Customer Service 

Episode 26: Loren Dennis: How iQorians Give Back Through iQor Qares 

Episode 27: William Huggins DBA: A Purpose-Driven Leadership Customer Experience Strategy in Trinidad

Episode 28: Tarn Shant: The Three Pillars of Digital Transformation in the Customer Experience 

Episode 29: Howard Tiersky: Digital Transformation Starts with Customer Experience 

Episode 30: Maribel DeLeon: How iQor Launches a New Customer Program Implementation 

Episode 31: Ingrid Ceballos: The Power of Coaching in Building Employee Loyalty 

Episode 32: Max Armbruster: How to Achieve High-Volume Talent Recruiting Success 

Episode 33: George Kushner: Crypto Exchange Looks to Differentiate with Client Service 

Episode 34: Cristy Gavino: How a Customer Service Program Grew by a Factor of Ten 

Episode 35: Kevin Anthony Paredes: How Exceeding Client Expectations Creates Career Growth Opportunities 

Episode 36: Adaeze Nwamah: Coaching and Analytics Propels Customer Service Team to Top Performer 

Episode 37: Zion Joy Suvillaga: The Road to Project Manager in HR 

Episode 38: Christian Smalls: How Relationship Building is Good for Employee Retention 

Episode 39: Jim Down: Two Core Pillars of Exceptional Customer Service 

Episode 40: Kristen Kuyatt, Ph.D.: Customer Experience Trends in Silicon Valley 

Episode 41: Sonia Rosario: Achieving Human Connections Through Personalized CX Training 

Episode 42: Mary Drumond: How AI Provides Insight Into Customer Motivations at Scale 

Episode 43: Ron Dull: The Appeal of South Africa in the Customer Experience 

Episode 44: Caity Morder: iQor Qares Charitable Giving Nonprofit Supports Employees and Communities in Times of Need 

Episode 45: Miri Rodriguez: How Brand Storytelling Influences Customer Experience 

Episode 46: Jay Baer: How to Hug Your Haters to Improve Customer Experience 

Episode 47: Andrew Davis: A Six-Step Model to Develop Customer Loyalty 

Episode 48: Bhawna Singh: How to Optimize Customer Service Through Current and Future State Assessment 

Episode 49: Jeannie Walters: The Three Pillars of Good CX 

Episode 50: Karen Hold: How to Use Design Thinking to Optimize Customer Experience 

Episode 51: Kevin Tydlaska-Dziedzic: Experience Marketing Is the Recipe for Sustainable CX 

Episode 52: Jerry Levine: A Winning Digital Transformation Strategy for Inside Legal Teams 

Episode 53: Annette Franz: 4 Steps to Improve the Customer Experience from the Inside Out 

Episode 54: John Kruper, D.A.: Active Learning Boosts Skill Development and Retention for Frontline Employees at Scale 

Episode 55: Emily McGuire: Elements for Creating Exceptional CX Through Email 

Episode 56: Alec Dalton: The Vital Role of Quality Management in Customer Experience 

Episode 57: Sean Minter: How AI Enables BPO Supervisors to Coach Agents and Boost Performance 

Episode 58: Heather R Younger: How Caring Leadership Transforms Customer Experience 

Episode 59: Brian Wagner: 3 Business Functions of a Digital Marketing Ecosystem in Health Care That Improve the Customer Experience 

Episode 60: Stan Phelps: The Differentiated Experience Is the Most Referable Customer Experience 

Episode 61: Laura Putnam: Workplace Wellness That Puts Organizations in Motion 

Episode 62: John O’Malley, Chris Fago, and Kyle Pierrehumbert: How iQor Optimizes Cloud Security with Prisma® Cloud 

Episode 63: Dennis Wakabayashi: How to Create Profitable Customer Experiences  

Episode 64: Jaymee Marquez: How Employee Engagement Creates Smiles in CX

Bernie Borges is vice president of global content marketing at iQor.

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